Products Used by Tracey:
Speed White Acrylic Powder
Speed Clear Acrylic Powder
Nail Liquid
Protein Bond
Pop Brights Turquoise Acrylic Powder
Pop Brights Orchid Acrylic Powder
Rainbow Purple Acrylic Powder
Diamond Dust Glitter
Ultimate Finish Gel

Products Used by Greg:
Protein Bond
Rainbow Red Acrylic Powder
Rainbow Orange Acrylic Powder
Rainbow Yellow Acrylic Powder
Rainbow Blue Acrylic Powder
Rainbow Purple Acrylic Powder
Speed Clear Acrylic Powder
Hologram Glitter
Gloss Synergy Gel

Song 1:
Taylor Galford

Song 2:


D'Lish Nailz says:

First Shout out from NailPro Pasadena. Your class was so great, I could have listened ALL day. And btw your class had the most people all day. But as for the contest. Although I would love to say both, I’m going to choose Greg. The ridges put me over the edge. They make it look like an actual tiny horn. Great job guys. LOVE the Vlog!

Lela Robinson says:

his nail with her colours!

MP Silverio says:

Love Greg’s based on design, but the colors that Tracey used would’ve been amazing!

Letisha Luster says:

both was beautiful. like yours with the holo but Tracy’s colors was pretty. other than, both was nice. good job.

Cherry Diamond bomb nail technician says:

Sorry the rainbow nail was by far better looking.

3140Babygirl says:

Greg’s is my fav.

liz moran says:

Greg should have won.

Dijana Skocic says:

I love Greg’s nail better! 🙂

Cynthia Price says:

I didn’t like that Tracy didn’t extend the color to the bottom of the corkscrew, though. Why go to the trouble of a 3D nail if you’re not going to address all of it?

Linh Ngo says:

We thought Greg should win!!

Roger Reierson says:

Team Reierson with the win ! I guess I’ll keep calling you mom for now lol

Poisoned Pretty By MichelleD says:

Omg is that a skeletor shirt

Unicorn Kitteh says:

yaaassss!!!!!!a♡♡♡ I knew within the first few seconds what this was and I LOOOOVE it! I bought a 9 foot unicorn last year and everyone thinks I’m ridiculous, but they’re just jealous. this video makes me so happt

Holly P says:

First one was the winner for me too!

Gaby Valencia says:


ravit reitman says:

love the aesthetics of Greg’s design but loved the colors on Tracey’s !!

kristal waters says:

I like both nails but for everyday wear i think Greg’s nail .

Shazvana says:

I think they are both great but I prefer Gregs shape but using Tracey’s colors.

María Judith Fuentes says:

I like Greg’s better.

stateofdisorder1977 says:

Love Greg’s. More colorful. Unicorns and rainbows go hand in hand. And the glitter!

Lora Cruz says:

Artistic=Tracey Tech=Greg …Tracey for the Win!

stateofdisorder1977 says:

The inflatable unicorn made the whole vid lol

YouNeverReallyLeft says:

Habib you have such a beautiful smile….never gets old seeing it either.

xMourningStar says:

You’re a professional? Act like one. That is just lazy.

Kay Dawson says:

Hello again I watched Tracy and Greg do their unicorns but as goes for wich one is best they are both good in their own right Greg beet her by 2 did gets because Tracey only used a couple of colors Greg used every color of the rainbow is that fair, I done two dyyesterday and one pointed one today and my second one was better. but I used powder on mine and the colors were pastel but ok for a beginner. thank you for showing them. xxxx

tracie k says:

hmmm love greg’s but would have looked even better with a holo chrome powder lightly dusted on.xx

jose roberto Conrado says:

Olá, vcs enviam para o Brasil? Ou tem algum distribuidor por aqui?

Cyndi Dennis says:

Love Greg’s design, I prefer pastel colors……great job folks…..

88LunarRaver88 says:

Greg’s nail looked like a gummy… I kinda wanted to eat it!

Samantha Riordan says:

Love them both!! Each one of them are so talented. #teamyoungnails it’s all I use!

Juanita Martinez says:

I loved Grreg’s nail. He used more colors & you can wear the nail without feeling like. the nail Tracy did would break at anytime.

Tanya Malvey says:

you got the winner WRONG

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