I decided to go full out with Pokeball themed nail art! What should I Paint my nails next?

Thanks NailBox LA for letting us film! Check them out here:

PREVIOUS VIDEO ➤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB4OEZgcmmY
NEW GAMING VIDEO ➤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8Qu0PRwPng

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OhMyToad says:

I love how you’re into pokémon again ^-^. As a guy this was pretty enjoyable to watch too.

natnotgnat says:

They look soooo good

Tasha Brooker says:

So pretty! ❤️

JustJay says:

That is seriously so cool! Also, glad that you’re back to posting, Meghan! I’ve missed seeing your videos in my sub box.

Brianna Brown says:

omg i loved how they turned out in greenvile my nail salon cant even do flowers like no joke thats amazing they can do that

Annaleise Longhorn says:

I love u so muck plzz reply!

Amber Maldonado says:

love those nails!!!

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

those r amazing…u r cute as a button

TrustMe Freddy says:

be my wife strawburry

Kayla says:


Lonely flame says:

You better stop petting that dog or chewie is gonna get jealous lol XD. Cool video and your nails look awesome

WarboyReece says:

They amazing also i love pokemon

Brian Nunez says:

your nails are soooooo cute

The Cupcake says:

Leto and stitch

Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez says:

Go the lola bunny one.

3lc0rr3A says:


Troll Life says:

Totoro or sailor moon cats

Kiingtong Lover says:

You should do Cube themed Nails 😉

Mia Meow says:

I wonder how long that took?

Chelsea Payne says:

For your next nail art you should have an animal crossing theme it would look super cute you could have Isabelle, Tom nook and the new leaf logo

MeEmmy says:

Disney nail art

Molly ParkerSykes says:


Matt Barter says:

Cute, I think the Premier Ball and Dream Ball looks the prettiest.

Tatianna Diaz says:

Meghan is over there with her super cute Pokemon nails and I’m over here trying to decide if I should splurge and get a flower design. lol

Angie Hua says:

they look so cute! love them! I also love all the daily stuff you do on life burry now. enjoying it a lot. love you Meghan!

Miranda Grace says:

Is she still friends with Joey?

Jackie Lockney says:


Alliquake Grande says:


Deirdre Begley says:

very nice great nails can u reply to me it was my birthday yesterday

magicianmana4 says:

So cute!

Crystal Leslie says:

I miss watching you all the time, it’s so nice to see your videos again (:❤

Kawaii girl gamer says:

how did you get those nails

Mr. DS says:

This is so cool!

i Dream says:


Danielle Chacon says:

Meghan the next nail art should be minecraft

Sydneyismuwah says:

Dang, how long did it take to get that done? You should do like a Nintendo theme next or something like the animal crossing fruit/money sacks maybe? Super cute poke balls though!

Animegummi says:

What about A Moana theme from Disney

Callum Skelton says:

loved this and omg that nail artist is beyond talented!!

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