Plum & Blue Swirl Drag Marble | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Today I’ll show you how to do this easy drag marble design in plum and blue on my mom’s short nails. ▼Products used linked below!▼
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On my nails – Freehand Rose Accent:

►Nail polish and products used◄
-Orly – Bonder:
-Finger Paints – Thank You Berry Much! (available at Sallys)
-Revlon – Dreamer:
-Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat:
-Cleanup brush:
-Clean up with acetone:

-Start out with clean, dry nails and apply your base coat
-Apply a thick coat of the plum colors polish
-Pick up a drop of blue polish with your toothpick, then swirl it into the wet plum polish
-Finish with top coat!

♫ Music is: Unwritten Return by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ♫

►Equipment Details◄
I record tutorials with a Canon PowerShot ELPH 510 HS:
Vlogging/Faceshots with a Logitech Webcam C310:
For lighting I use 3 flexible desk lamps:
With LED daylight bulbs:
I edit with Windows Movie Maker:
Adobe Premiere Elements:
And Adobe Photoshop (thumbnails):

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Melissa 48 says:

how long is drying time b4 topcoat?

Bethany Brooks says:

Omg…I forgot about water marble march!! One of your water marble videos was the whole reason I found your channel…and now I am a dedicated fan lol! Yay

Jill Fischer says:

thank mom … question . what peel off base coat do you use and have you ever used it with Gel polish

Mitzi Howard says:

I love the short nail designs as mine are always short. Sigh… Glad you are having fun with your mama. Love her all that you can while you have her!

Lizandra Silva says:

Your mom’s nails look so much like mine! And that design looks amazing on her!

grey roses says:

Having your mom as a guest was really nice…not just because she has smaller & shorter nails & that mani looks super doable on my freshly snipped nails! 😉 I love doing my mom’s nails, both because it’s great visiting time & because she doesn’t always trust her vision well enough to do major nailcare & polishing (we’re both diabetic, & cuts can be dangerous…). Also I try & match colors with her Sunday outfit. So everybody’s happy on many counts! lol
Your mom should totally guest star. ⭐

helena nicolas says:

Can you do something with hot pink and gold, or a gradient “baby boomer” baby pink and white wth gold accent?

Alicia Hernandez says:

I absolutely love the design and colors you chose!!! It’s great when your mom comes on because I prefer shorter nails for myself and it’s awesome seeing your designs on short nails. Keep up the amazing work!

Vanessa Santiago says:

I love when you paint your mom’s nails!

Hamidah C. says:

Ok sooooo I LOVE your channel so much and I’ve been having so much fun with mixing color using your drip marble technique. My hubbie is getting tired of me showing him. Thank you for the inspiration

Kathy Barnes says:

I also thought you cut your finger nails short! You did a great job on your moms nails and they looked so beautiful! I love the drag marble technique (so much easier to do) tfs


(⌐■_■)✌… Thanks for sharing with us!!

J.J. Medusa says:

I wish you could do my nails!

Porcusabacus Froggy says:

I love the way they look.

24jessejames says:

Yeah for Mom and her beautiful short nails – love the color choice, too!

AngelsHeavenlyNailz says:

She has such cute little nails…Great design!

Amy West says:

Very pretty. Thank you.

mariah shipley says:

I have very tiny, very short nails. So I LOVED seeing a manicure that seems feasible for me. I would love to see more! 🙂

Bethany Brooks says:

When I saw the thumbnail, I literally jumped out my seat and shouted ‘she cut her nails short…noooooo’ then I realized it was ur mum and went bright red from embarrassment lol….

Rina! says:

Cute! I love when your mom comes on. I love seeing short nail designs as a member of the nub club 😀 thanks for sharing Colette!

Theresa Kretchman says:

Very pretty.

Chely Duarte says:

It looks soooooooooooooo easy!!!

Retha Valenta says:

I love your videos and when you have your mom with you. I it is very nice of you. Great way to spend time together.

DrkNSwt says:

I love it when you do Mom’s nails since mine are short.

musigalglo says:

Just curious, why didn’t you clean up the cuticle line with acetone like usual?

Nails by Osta says:

Pretty!  It’s always nice to change it up a bit and see a design on short nails 🙂  Hi Mom!

Corina Barker says:


Krista J says:

Beautiful! What a lucky momma!

Beth Gates says:

I love it!!

cjonnette says:

Love it! It looks great on her short nails.

Mrs. Schrado says:

Hi Mom!!
This is cute and looks much more difficult than it actually is.

Sangi Creations says:


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