Ombre Nail Art

In this step by step tutorial, Suzie demonstrates her technique to create a beautiful Ombre nail design.

0:20 Color Coat of Polish
2:56 Tip: Keep polish bottle clean
3:27 Placement of the polish on a triangle sponge
4:23 Application of Ombre technique
6:37 Sparkle top coat
7:12 Clean up

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Maria K. says:

So beautiful ❤❤❤

Trude Vermeulen says:


Tracy Sullivan says:

So how do you protect your finished hand when you do your other hand? Does that make sense?

Sarain To says:

do you do gel nail polish but ombre

Snazzy Snail says:

your backgrounds are my aesthetic

HeyImValarie18 says:

I personally look best with a very oval nail shape but every time I ask for oval they’re always like really? That’s old looking lol, I feel like I’m the only person in the world who likes oval!

Emely Velez says:

Aww this is the first video I watched and I instantly subbed

meak says:

Here because of Jenna. XD

Sarah Ritter says:

Who else is here from Jenna Marbles video?

Christina 87890 says:

if it does “nail polish shut” by itself, put it in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes then clean off the water and you can open it. It really works!

Arianna Manabat says:

Here from Jenna Marbles lol

Émanuèle Robert says:

Who’s here from

Rachelle Forrest says:


Bethany Penn says:

hi Suze! love the show! I notice you’ve never done a louboutin nail design (and by that I mean painting the underside of the nail in addition to the top). I’d love to see you do that for us! 🙂

sam east says:

I’m coming from Jenna marbles

Elysha Leheny says:

These nails look so beautiful

N to the motherfuckin O says:

her nails are goals

Alexa fernanalize says:


SavBanav says:

Jenna Marbles heheh ex dee

Anonymous says:

Check out mre3000 all A list stars are trans got to see this Eye opening!!!!!

Annie Nguyen says:

it’s very nice, i love it, hope i can lear nail!!

Brittney Orr says:

Can you do a video with reusable forms

Lucid Dreamer says:

Can you do this with gel ?

Rachel H Dixon says:

OMG! I wish I could to that….. I am not as skilled when it comes to my nails…

Winter Saunders says:

I love you Suzie!

Madhu Mehan says:

Suzie make water marble design and how to peel acrilic nail

Tasha-lea Williams says:

These videos are always so relaxing! I could watch them all day!

Stevona Random YouTube Channel says:

Your amazing



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