No Water Needed – Rainbow Diva DIY Drag Marble nail art Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: Show Me if you try this DIY no water marble design perfect for back to school! This Hot Neon Essie Rainbow Diva Drag Marbling Nail Design is boss. Polished in Neon barbie colors that swirl into flowers, This is a design thats both nail Art for beginners or old school nail techs who want to boost up their careers through advanced education in free hand painted nail art online for free. This is the dripping in diamonds Nail Tutorial but in rainbows! Add Pixi dust Swarovski crystals to this design and bling your nails to the next level of Divalicious!!! Seen here first and I will KEEP bringing on hot nail designs until you are the best because I am just starting! I have over 25,000 designs I’ve been saving to teach YOU. Then I can retire! haha! Have fun and show me! Try them and Share it with me on links below!
1ST NAIL 0:50
2ND NAIL: 2:00
3RD NAIL 3:30
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The colors I used were:
Essie Neon Yellow: stencil me in
Essie White: prime and pop
Essie Neon Purple Polish: the fuschia of art
Essie Neon blue polish: in it to win it
Essie Neon orange polish: mark on miami
Essiie Pink Peach Neon: Gallery Gal

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payten smith says:

i want to see simplynailogical do this

Lauren Lucas says:

are her nails layd in acrylic

durotha ates says:

I just watched your fire nail done a week ago on Evil Client. She’s lucky she gets to have you do her marble weekly. AWESOME !

Kimberly Fowler says:

These colors + your Creativity=Amazing!!! Love it!!!

tracy taylor says:

amazing colours, amazing way to create those summer nails.. awesum <3

Lori Hathaway says:

where can you get this brand of polish? I want to do this instead of water marbeling!!!! Do you use a special brush?

Diana Doolittle says:

grrr your killing me here,every time you do one of these i fall in love and i wanta do it and i get ready to do it and you come out with another. one i like, your killing me here lol

DEnise CHavez says:

Hi Sharon! I just had an interest in nail art for about a month or so and have ordered a bunch of stuff and bough quite a few nail polish. I “practice” on my 2 daughters and son on myself since it is a bit harder to do it on my nails. what would you recommend for me?
thank you and love your channel

JOJO65 ! says:

I remember having this done back in 1988…. I always thought it was so pretty…. the lady back then dragged through with a feather, of all things….My friends and I thought she was so cool…. a few years latter we discovered the striping brushes…. I have always wondered if she is still using the feather….lol Ive done this to myself on and off over the years. I never cared if it was in or out of style. I just liked it…. Its interesting to read the comments, it seems to be almost a “new thing” to a lot of people…… Did you add a thinner to the polish? They seem really thin, and so perfect for this method…. If you didnt, it would almost seem like a good Idea to have some polishes that were thinned just for this method of nail art….. thinner makes all the difference in doing it….. would it be a good idea to put a clear gel top coat over the top of these? I remember that they took so long to dry and you had to be careful not to dent them…do you think it would help this?… that was the down side of them….

Patty Mulcahy Jones says:

Was just telling my sister how Freaking Amazing you are! Your talent is something I envy. I’m not just giving lip service here. Your videos all blow me away.

mrz manwo says:

i liked the orange one

Lamp Shade says:

Now I know what I’m doing my nails like this time. Thank you! I have tried water marbling which is great, but this looks like an easy alternative. I’m ambidextrous so (hopefully) it will go swimmingly (she says….!!!). I’m a nail tech and have never seen this method before, so I love to try new methods. Thank you so much! You’re a star and this is really impressive. <3 Thank you from the south coast of England.

lily irias says:

i love your art becuse it cool thank you

izzy s says:

Could you do mine you are good

Diana Doolittle says:

been trying to get your paint brushes. i cant find them, and dont know how much they are,i brought. some other ones when i got them home and tried. to use them they fall a part thats when i wanted to find yours,where can i get them plz

Eileen Shaw says:

Very pretty.

Sherry Prevento says:

I would love to see you do a suicide squad design

Mai Phuong says:

love you

Violeta Cortez says:

so pretty

karen martin says:

i love your colour combinations robin!they are beautiful and you are so talented

DeAnn Cox says:

Great video! I’ve embedded it on my entertainment site

Norse_ Butterfly says:

I need to get my hands on those!

Champooh says:

why do people even the water marmbles this is so much time/tape/stuff safer. the clean up with finger is a bit tricky if i dont wanna mess up the design. but great work this really nice i like it

Mary Caird says:

I always love all your work

lily Barr says:

Very Pretty Design.

Penny DeFelippo says:

Love, love, love it!

Diana Doolittle says:

lol yw. i love what you do,no water mables are my fave,ty your so good,i watch all the time

Lauren Lucas says:

the second time you did that nail its cute

thelovinlacquer says:

Dang that swipe at 4:14 was so clean lol

Meli mel says:

how long does it take ro fully cure

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