Mixing Gel and Acrylic to Create Lace Nail Art

Suzie literally mixes Acrylic and Gel to create a detailed, and delicate Lace Design. This is a different technique from her previous video: Sugaring Ombre Lace Nails.

Products used In this Video:
White #44 Gel Polish by Ugly Duckling
Sparkle #13 Gel Polish by Ugly Duckling
Acrylic Powder #22 by Ugly Duckling
Suzie’s Opposite hand: GIRL WITHOUT LIMITS by OPI
Glow LED Nail Dryer by Vanity Planet

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Have Fun!

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Jesse AAA says:

And here I was wondering how you would draw such thin lace with such sticky gel. It all made sense once you just put a giant blob down and I realized that carving it out does make more sense.

Jenny says:

What a great technique! Thanks so much for sharing, I love watching your videos!

Ayvah Williams says:

Play-Doh my sister said it was and I told her it isn’t but she keeps on arguing with me

Stefanie Rivera says:

Love the lace look. You should do a video on aquatic nails when you have a chance 🙂

Mindy MimisMusic says:


Shaik Mubeena says:

I like this and so nyss

Cyndi Dennis says:

I tried this, will try again….I must’ve added too much powder……the first day it was good, a couple days later it was too thick to work with…..I placed it in a snap top container, this time I’ll try a screw on container.

maggie koltusz says:

where can i get the sculpting gel and the pink powder

shani beau says:

Could you do a video with just nail varnish and no polish or basecoat or anything and still make it look good

Nire D. says:

tips with pun intended.

Naomi Hazell says:

wot is best lamp to use gor all nails varnish and gel please

Christy Hutchinson Vlogs says:

Could you use the same ratio that you used to form the lace, to form nails? I’m curious. I’m wanting to learn how to do my own nails, after a horrible experience at the salon which has me terrified. so could this be done for someone just starting out since there’s more time to work with the product?

hannah reynolds says:

Lol its is just me that when she said “i also find it very affective if i do it with ma finga” lol

shamim haghighi vand says:

what is that tool that you use for mixing it?

Diana Calderon says:

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

Prisma Duque says:

would it work if you use regular nail gel? or does it absolutely have to be sculpting gel?

rnugitt says:


lilly bee says:

I never understood the whole nail or gel thing . Gel is a polish acrylique is a nail “maker”

Josie Garner says:

Susie I hope I spelt ur name right… anyways you are the only person I can watch when it comes to nails!! I love your videos

Allyn Olivarez says:

wow it’s so amazing

Made with love says:

Hi suzie, there’s this company called wildflowers and they do a gel ‘lace paste’ I’ve seen a vid of it and it looks really good, you should give it a try x

Donna Fields says:

i love what you do. I’ve watched almost all of your videos….. but I have a problem with my nails. I’ve tried both acrylic and gel and can’t seem to get them to stay on……In between times, I’ve let them grow out. but nothing seems to help them stay no for very long….,…. Could you please help…….If I’m lucky they will stay on a week….. I prep, I do all the steps. what am I doing wrong?

Marie Jane says:

i really appreciate that your cameraman did not cut out the first take on the index finger… its way more authentic as it shows that even skilled nail techs sometimes mess things up 🙂

Ajr12103 says:

You think this is possible for anyone else?

Carol-Ann Marshall says:

Hi, let me say i think your videos are great,and with some good humor., although bad for house work. Im new to this and its a hobby.. using gel polish. My favourite look is the french, do you have a video showing this. Carol-Ann

Alaina Ferry says:

She kills me. So good

Deshi kitchen sudha Recipe says:


Ilaria Gaudio says:

Hi Suzie
I am writing you from Switzerland. (sorry for my bad english)
Is the base (white) roughened, so that the lace last? And how du you fix it finally when you are done with the lace? Or do you just cure it with the UV?
Best wishes from Switzerland

Brandy Hagler says:

Susie love the design

Sandra Bengtsson says:

I LOVE THIS! I just sit and smile really big!

Cassandra Wagoner says:

Love watching the vids yet too lazy to actually do it

rustyCookies says:

“You don’t want it to crack up on you.” Crack up.. *cracks up*

Αργυρω Πολυκαρπου says:


Sintra Ali says:

hey suzie can you do a puple crome wiht spakles please

ice otter101 says:

same Puppylove 123

Bella Pat says:

Hi love the video! Just wondering where u get ur dotting tools from? Or do you have any recommended websites?

Amazing 1513 says:

You could also use a Bobby pin

Nami Smith says:

i have tried some but its really hard when u have to make do with just drug store or dollar store tools can u try to do a video like that using kiss acrilic nail kits

Leah Keeley says:

I LOVE YOU SUZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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