Marble Hand Painted Nail Art

Suzie experiments with creating a Marble Nail Design, using Gel Polish, and Brush. This seems to be an easy design, but actually can be a little tricky to master the technique.

Products Used in this Video:

Pink Diamonds Details Nail Brush
Exclusive Nail Couture

Ugly Duckling Gel Polish White #44, Black #43, Grey #13
Ugly Duckling UV Top Coat

Glow LED Nail Dryer by VANITY PLANET
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Kerry Mackey says:

Her hands are so pretty!!!! I love her, she’s so awesome and her laugh is contagious! So glad I discovered her channel :)))

JerseyAccent653 says:

I think it looks great! If someone u didn’t know looked at ur nails… they would deff be able to tell “oh those are marbe” Thx for sharing

nikkibabe3216 says:

I love you Suzie!!!!!!! & the cameraman too 🙂

Gabbstersfasho 2.0 says:

I really liked the thumb! I think when you spray the alcohol it makes the black more wet and makes thicker lines and looks good! I love you and your nails! I wish I could get my nails done by you!!!

Caprice Daniella says:

He’s being hard loll

Mari Nordskog says:

For the record, I love camera man talking, and your conversation. It’s cute 🙂

Allysha says:

The pinky looked really good and like marble.

Chelseay Kimberley says:

I liked what camera man said, the first one you did with the grey shadow looked great!! Also the camera man is funny!

Amutari says:

That look she gives him. I live for it. Can’t believe I’ve just found her channel. She’s amazing

Karem Lavez says:

I love camera man, he’s so cool

ThatWeirdWhale says:

What is the song that is playing at 8:26 ?

kkb gaming says:

yes plz I do like the pink and I would like a totural please

sue'skawaii collection says:

I kinda like her better than simplynaillogical because she takes it more seriously and Christine has turned more into a comedy channel ever since she got big

Marisela Leiva says:

what uv light do you use? how many watts

Caprice Daniella says:

Whaat I think it looked perfect either way you did it

Erljen Calinawan says:

i ship you and your camera man

Alex Ayala says:

If I ever go to Canada I want Suzie to do my nails

daydreaming says:

I’ve watched like 6 videos of this in a row. Thanks Jenna Marbles…

Laber Tasche says:

Maybe you should do more edgy lines, not that much rounded 🙂

Could you do a video where you talk about which nailform fits which hand/finger (I hope you know what I mean)

NMH says:

I love love love these nails

Sara Vac says:

Love it

Shelby Bostock says:

the camera man is funny when you include him. I like how sassy you get twords him

Sofie jensen says:

The cameraman is so sweet!

Briana Ashcroft says:

i like mr camera man!

Jay says:

those marble nails werent the best work youve done sorry but those were kinda hideous

Nour Asad says:

camera man is life <3

Marissa Grace says:

Camera guy is funny I like when you guys tiff it’s cute

Weirdgirl says:

you should do a calab with simply nail logical

Jessica Gilmore says:

you scared me suzie

SakuyaKira24 says:

I love camera man!

CharDeeHar says:

I would like to see another marble look, but maybe with a black base, and white swirls?

roberry82 says:

Beautiful work, as always!

Kim P says:

I LOVE the marble nails!!

Michelle Navarro says:

lmaoo the camera man

Stasia Chan says:

I wish she could do my nails….

Sachiko Maeda says:

Maybe instead of using black and grey, you should try using a diluted dark brown. That would make it look more natural instead of looking like an outline

Sharon Kent says:

How would you stop biting acrylic nails off so they can last long??

Em J says:

Okay the camera guy is hilarious! It’s so funny hearing a mans perspective about nail art bahahaha
Surprisingly his opinion was dead on. Art really is about random flow(way easier said than done, right?). Thank you for allowing us to see your imperfections, it’s so easy to try YouTube videos at home then feel like a complete failure when things don’t turn out as we had hoped.

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