❤ LOUBOUTIN RED BOTTOM NAILS! I’ve always been curious about this Christian Louboutin inspired “red-bottom” nail trend. In today’s video I’m trying out this look in TWO different colorways, and I’ll include some tips and tricks to apply (and clean up!) this striking nail art look. Would you try out this look? Let me know in the comments below!



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❥ Materials →
Formula X Dark Matter (Black)

OPI Big Apple Red (Red nail polish)

Stripe Rite Precision Tip Nail Art Polish
Roll Out The Red Carpet

Bundle Monster Poli Peel (latex skin – nail barrier)

Synthetic brush for cleanup (from this set)

OPI Base Coat

Butter London Nail 999 Topcoat

OPI Do You Take Lei Away? (beige)


❥ Music →
Love Mode by Joakim Karud


❥ Cameras & Equipment →

Camera used for filming:
Canon t5i http://amzn.to/1k7mhaz

Camera used for photos:
Lumix GF1 http://amzn.to/1mdVfzd

Snowball Blue Mic

Lighting Setup:


❥ Programs to make each video (yup I use them all) →

Adobe Premiere Pro http://amzn.to/1h0YBT8
Adobe After Effects http://amzn.to/1gLzAYM
Adobe Lightroom http://amzn.to/1gLzG2B
Wavelab http://amzn.to/1lrnv2r
Adobe Photoshop http://amzn.to/1jnNe54
Picasa 3.9



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Seema's Smart Kitchen says:

wow beautiful

Jazmine Ramirez says:

Janelle I have a question people would not be able to see at the dottom of the nail ??

Tish Smiddy says:

very clever girl.
Thank you so much

Tessa Ladd says:

I do this frequently with a lot of nail designs. To clean under your nails easily, use an acetone resistant brush! Put a paper towel under your hand, lay it with the palm facing up and the nails placed in a spacious region of the papertowel and swipe away! Clean the brush frequently, or the polish just ends up getting pushed around under the nail.

Hazie Marinette says:

maybe a peel off base coat for under the nail (:

Vada Schoonover says:

that’s what I was going to say

LIBRIAN Sana says:

hahaha that looks cool but painting underneath the nails ..is soo disturbing wouldnt it irritate !?!?! XD

LaShenny21Nails says:

I would DEFINITELY try this look out! The black & red combo looks gorgeous! ♥

Saabriinii says:

i really like how this looks, but it’s just not for me. the clean up is a mess already with red nail polish if i just have the polish just on top hahahah

Piggy Doodles says:

If I had longer nails, I would definitely do this!!!

Kicksno1fan says:

I did dark blue on top and red on bottom for Supergirl nails, but it’s not as dramatic as I thought it would look lol
I guess this only works best with black

Tish Smiddy says:

thanks for the laytax cheat
know how

Kristina Naneva says:

sweet idea! always impress me!

Lexi Minnis says:

im going ice skating this saturday so im going to do white on top and blue glitter on the bottom with gel polish

Covet Petrichor says:

i would ry it

Pacificsugar says:

I’ve done this, adding a basecoat under the nail first really helps with cleanup.

safer in The forest says:

omg yes I so would!

Mehshe Ch says:

You are so cool janelle love your all nails art seroisly you were amazing☺

Okotowari Shimasu says:

looks awesome but I wouldn’t do it, clean up is a hassle

Cate A says:

Love this look but I prefer it on acrylic or gel nails.

Chicken Permission says:

I LOVE these nails

stringendo1 says:

I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but if you want a more “natural” classy look, remember that Louboutin also has a whole range of “nude” color shoes w/ the iconic red bottoms. I tried that last week, and it looks really nice–I did paint the underside of my nails white 1st though, like you suggested. The red could not be seen through the white and 2 coats of nude polish on top of my nails.

Mialovexx1 says:


wolfpacklover4 says:

I would do this if I had long nails

straight jacket says:

hell yes

Dizzynoodlegamer says:

You could pair the rainbow one with a French tip, that could look super pretty.

Saya Da Playa says:

whenever I grow my nails out, they look super nice and I always admire them. But I also feel handicapped because I feel like I can’t do things as easily like open a water bottle or put my contacts in.

Kitty Williams says:

I don’t know why I watch these tutorials when I can’t even grow my nails without buying them off…

sweetpuppy120489 says:

I really like this because it some what add sexiness to your fingers just like the heels. I see that other colors are fun, but just does not add the sexiness to them. Though I don’t want to wear this because I never have long nails.

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