Juicy Nails | Diva Crystal Blinged out Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/1UDLr1B Shout me out if you copy this on Instagram: http://instagram.com/robinmosesnailart Here is an older design that I decided to upload in honor of my most DIVA client, Juicy having her baby!!! He is here! I cannot wait to see her so here is a beautiful dark Divalicious design with a filigree type of swirl that is both floral and filigree at the same time. Its done using Christian Louboutin Scarabee III polish, swarovsky pixi dust crystals, and rosegold roses that transcends beautiful. There are many dupes but it is amazing I get to use it. Also, I want to say thank you to Mont Bleu for sending me all of these crystals. If anyone can find their company or their link, I would love to add it, my box came empty of names!!! Secret and cool, I am in LOVE! HAHA! I hope you guys have fun with this and have a great new year, You will find this design always in my diva playlist!! This design CAN be for beginner nail artists to advanced career nail techs who want more diva nail art education! This joy comes from practice and passion for the craft! Please SUBSCRIBE & Follow my DIY Nail Art Designs for those seeking to take their nail art design to the next level! Learn how to use nail art tools and master nail art one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and

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black tie affair: twila true
peacefully me: dazzledry
for a lady: madam glam

topcoat Dazzledry, the best topcoat ever!


Agathe Ether anything that could help stomach pain says:

wow that’s the most beautiful nails yet. thank you for sharing and if ever I can do designs I will certainly write inspired by Robin Moses for sure. it’s all because of your work that I been in college since November to be a nail technician.

chyna cocom says:


Savanna Savanna says:

happy new year, beautiful nail design

Dawn de la Morte says:

Love the look but I LOVE the Black Tie Affair by Twila True!! What a great color!! Robin, I hope you have a most wonderful 2017! And congrats to Juicy on having her baby!

Christina Marshall says:

They are very pretty Robin. But you need some better lighting… You can’t tell that your base color is purple at all, and cannot see the color that you said has blue, and pink in the gold, would’ve not known, if you didn’t say it 😉 Best wishes for the New Year! I can’t believe Juicy drives so far! Wow!

Danna S says:

absolutely stunning

Shannon Curtin says:

Love this! Happy New Year to you and Miss Juicy! We need pics when the baby is born AND a mani dedicated to the BABY!

Fan Club Nail Art says:

it’s very nice

Melody Lasseter says:

Just beautiful!! You guys we need to comment more on her videos!!! So she is trending more!!! Like and comment!!!

Nancy's So Fancy's Nail art says:

Gorgeous design.. Tried looking up the site for the stones want to make sure i’m spelling it right. Mott bleu stones.. Is that how it is spelled? Thank you

shawnee reiter says:

I love the gem nail it is gorgeous

Raquel Levin says:

Oh Robin they are awsome. Wow.

Lily Dylan says:


Johunfer Sasario Rojas says:

subtitulo en español please

hair4lifen1 says:

Hello Robin I love your designs I’m looking for your advice Every time I paint my nails and try to apply the final top coat the design get always a little smudge Even though I waited 20 minutes this time I will be ever so grateful for your advice to avoid the smudge It’s kind of discouraging Many thanks

patricia cordova says:

congrats juicy!!!! Happy new year girls!!

lynetta harris says:

I’m always in love with Juicy and her nails. This is perfection at its finest. I can’t wait for the day that I can sit in front of THE Robin Moses and just let all that beautiful creativity translate itself on my nails. I’m so jealous. And I follow Juicy on Instagram and her little guy is the cutest.

Lashaunda Smith says:


Terry says:

A very elegant and shiny design…I looooove so much this kind of purple and your way to create roses.U’re a very special woman and u know…hugs hugs

Phyllis H says:


Razzle dazzle Baroque says:

I’m ordering those stones …wow

Mschangita209 says:

http://www.montbleu.eu/   sells crystal nail files

Robin Ann says:

Woot! Woot! Just got my RM Brushes. No wonder I have been having so much trouble. I have a set of brushes with floral handles. They are huge compared to yours. It’s really been throwing my proportions off. Grrr! Gotta go an paint some penguinnnnnns! Happy New Year <3

GothicaBeauty. says:

Hairy Blue Bear to you Robin, hope this year is wonderful for you. xXxo0oxXxxXxxXxo0oxXx

doodleartlover says:

So beautiful, Robin! Have a wonderful and blessed day! ☺ ✌

Valerie Turner says:

I copy but I wouldn’t think mine are up to snuff enuff to list a name!

Jazy Chávez says:

Muy hermoso, feliz año

Katie Kennington-Williams says:

WOW! I love these!!!

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