How to Create 3D Acrylic Apples – 3D Nail Art

This channel combines Kirsty Meakins experience in the nail industry and Naio Nails fantastic product range which is nearly all available world wide.

We attempt to give you an entertaining look at the kind of techniques you can use as a nail technician of as someone just doing nails for yourself or even just for fun.

In this series of videos, Kirsty is going to show you how to masterfully create 3D fruit, using acrylic powders.

She also shows some gel paints from the new Naio range

in this video the following products were used

Gel Paints – Coming Soon

120ml – Pure Acetone – Acrylic Nail Remover-
White Sanding Block –
Cracked Ice Mylar Light Green –
UV/LED Cure Quick Finish Mega Gloss Sealer Gel 15ml –
120ml High Speed Blue Acrylic Liquid
Rain Forest, Acrylic Powder –
Secondary Green Acrylic Powder-
Caribbean sunsplash Acrylic powder –
Soft Pastel lemon Acrylic Powder-
Palm Leaves Arcylic Powder –
Platinum White Polycolor Acrylic Nail Art Paint 20ml -
Brilliant Green Deep Polycolor Acrylic Nail Art Paint 20ml –
8g Brush-on Nail Glue –
Cuticle Oil -

Regularly Used Products :-
Clear Acrylic Powder –
Natural Beige Cover pink Acrylic POwder –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Urban Graffiti Top and Base –
Nail Prep/Dehydrator
Acid Free Nail Primer
Maximum Adhesion
Dotting Tool
Pinching Tool
180/180 Grit Nail File
Pure Acetone
Lint Free Wipe
Cuticle Oil






Helz Kitten says:

HI. I have never seen anything so beautiful in nail art as your work. I have always wanted to do nails but to this extent.. it’s just amazing. Wonderful patience and excellent guide lines to your art. Just fantastic. 🙂

Butterfliesnest says:

it should be a sin that someone can draw and be so creative …gosh I love it tfs

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

stunning job Kirsty!

Willow Johnson says:

Love the apple nail! So pretty. The beginning of the video was hilarious!

Bateman Furfur says:

love it! i want food on my nails now!

nail tutorials says:

message for kirsty. when you doing glitter or other products like this, how do you get the product out of the mega gloss brush for the next use? some of my clients are allergic to glitter so I don’t want to get the stuff on them. thanks x

MmmCremeEggs7 says:

That’s so odd with the glue, I find if I use too much I get those white bits, I use the oil to make them transparent again !

Tyeshia Young says:


Maro Bogosian says:

I love your work. Are you located in New York?

Татьяна Захарова says:


Miss Red says:

What’s the name of the acrylic brush and where can I find it what you be using?

Sajid Arroyo says:

Kirsty, if i may ask: How do you clean your acrylic brushes? Mine have been getting all hard and unusable after cleaning them.

Lauren Efori says:

can u do a French acrylic and gel infill and rebalance please kirsty xxx

PastelCute Squishy says:

British anyone?

Maria De Lourdes Ruiz Neira says:

muy hermoso trabajo felicidades

Easton Coldbear says:

youre so talented

Teressa Betts says:

Your talent is mind blowing

Suz says:

Another fabulous design Kirsty, I sent you a message on Instagram and asked why have you blocked me on Twitter??  I haven’t done anything wrong, but it says I am blocked? :((  Can you please let me know why?  Susan

Aquanette Rodriguez says:

Can you do a water marble designs in some of your videos

Dani Diaz says:

Can u do a tour of your work
Area I would love to see the colors you have etc

Chincilly says:

I love these tiny tiny apples. This is a awesome fall-design. Your work is so perfekt. Thanks for this video.

tangina poplin says:

love watching the ugly green blobs turn into cute little apples

Kate VanWert says:

You never fail to cheer me up.. such an awesome personality ❤️

Fuzzy Fuzzysparks says:

I love the leaves not to hot on the apples. I would want them red and light green.

Carolina Letelier Rodriguez says:


Amanda Brohman says:

Excited for the rest of this series

Tanya Howard says:

You R Fire

Анжелика Юсупова says:

Жаль, что в России никто такого не делает

Alyssa Escobar says:

can you do a tutorial on the extended nail bed and the white French tip like the pinky in this video?

SeanneB says:

to the people complaining that they dont like prerecorded videos . who cares weather they are pre recorded or not ,just be happy that they have posted a video !

SeanneB says:

i really enjoyed watching this video, cant wait to watch the next video 🙂

Ruth Dilania Trinidadngonzalez says:

no entiendo tu idioma inglés pero me encanta tus diseño

Conny Alvarez says:

ne encantas su trabajo y arte en las uñas saludos desde oax

Maro Bogosian says:

Ohhh 🙁 You are in UK. 🙁

kirsti fitzpatrick says:

Absolutely Amazing work love it xx

Maria Vazzana says:

Beautiful ! What’s the 3D brush look?

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