How To: Aquatic Alien? Polish Swirls Nail Art

Suzie plays with Gel Polish and a Dotting Tool to create an abstract polish design. It’s cool but she had a hard time choosing a name for this design.

Products Used in this Video:
Gel Polish #037, #044, #03, #43 by UGLY DUCKLING
Glow LED Nail Dryer by VANITY PLANET

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Teressa Betts says:

Love this

Nora Taylor says:

Could I use something thats not a dotting tool because I dont have any dotting tools

Ki Leber says:

How long do u need to leave them in the light for

Linnea Lindegren says:

Okay but the cameramans voice tho

Trisha Merrill says:

your camera guy though…
how adorable is he!

TheKrazyKarrot says:

Lisa just got fucking dragged

Cassity's Sparkle corner says:

Can u use gel without a light cause I ordered gel but
Forgot to get a lamp

Bailey Morgan says:

I LOVE how supportive your husband/camera man is, so cute!

MoonChildxo says:

the pattern reminds me of the tails on koi fish. very beautiful Suzie

Claire Higgins says:

Cameraman goals

hattie Bridgett says:

Beautiful… i truly learned alot from your videos!

Maya Moon says:

Is it possible to do this design with a tooth pick? I really want to try it, but I don’t have a dotting tool

theSTLbelle1920 The Beautiful Nails Site says:

This is really cool. I’m so loving ugly duckling’s colors and their products seem so Devine.

Mal Timmons says:

Lovely water marble gel polish affect Suzie. And you can call it wtf you want! it’s beautiful. x

Salma Ali says:

Does anyone know how long it roughly takes to do a full set of acrylic nails. Ive never had it done an wanted to give it a go. x

Selma Burekovic says:

can you do the polish mountain chalange with every single nail polish you have plz

Lyddilou Stokes says:

So simple but really effective look I’m going to try it

Krystal Stadig says:

Did this on my instructor at school and she loved it!

wendi arellano says:

can you do a video like this with just regular nail polish.!? 🙂

Jean-Jacques Platoon says:

Would be nice if you showed us your salon and your team in a video !

Sophie Pentland says:

Would never have thought of those colours together but they look brilliant x

Maria D. says:

Was so excited to try this….got so many compliments today at work!! The big problem I did was I bought acetone and tried to take my gel nail polish off, not realizing I have acrylic nails and two are now gone….lesson learned…lol…. I will be looking into getting that tool!  I was going to post a pic but no where to upload it.

Elizabeth White says:

Is there a preference for nail polish to do this design. I tried with regular polish and didn’t work out so well for me lol. love the video!

Jackie Erasmus says:

Love your vids

toddspal says:

is camera man ur husband? (i love ur vids )

Autumn Ruano says:

they look like cute tadpoles

lol lol says:

hi do u have to use gel polish??

Tiia Belanger says:

I need help. recently I have started doing other peoples nails with gel polish (gelish brand) on natural nails and there has been some pulling/lifting at the tips.. I have never had this problem doing my own just other people. what am I doing wrong?

maaaice j says:

they reminded me of khoi fish

Kayleigh Louise says:

stunning design, highly effective xx

Emily Sharp says:

when are we going to meet the cameraman

anns1961 says:

That blue background is amazing!!  My problem is doing the other hand lol

Ms. Moses says:

Turned out really cool

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