Holochrome Pigment Design Tutorial – Nail Art Ideas

In this video, Kirsty shows how to mix things up a little with holochrome powder to create holographic designs.

Nail Tips – http://bit.ly/242oHiX

Warm Beige Acrylic Powder – http://bit.ly/1o3Yb4R

SWAT TEAM GEL POLISH – https://www.naio-nails.co.uk/products/urban-grafitti-r033-swat-team


Mega Gloss – http://bit.ly/22C1Ne2

Top and Base – http://bit.ly/1RwWvcv

Nail Prep/Dehydrator http://bit.ly/1RwOkfn
Acid Free Nail Primer http://bit.ly/1Mks7oY
Maximum Adhesion http://bit.ly/1UhGbm9
Dotting Tool http://bit.ly/1RHt6eZ
Pinching Tool http://bit.ly/1Vg2tom
180/180 Grit Nail File http://bit.ly/1Mzuv5V
Buffer http://bit.ly/1XJHaZZ
Pure Acetone http://bit.ly/1SrWpss
Lint Free Wipe http://bit.ly/1pHh9PN
Cuticle Oil http://bit.ly/1RoQUZg

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Juanita Martinez says:

I want to see Adam do Nails! please!!!

Cheyenne Musser says:

This is by far my favorite design. I am absolutely in love with it!!!

max glover says:

did you know there is another naio nails?????? its american? not the same i prefer yours xx

Gabriela Manrique says:

You are amazing girl

Carley Gross says:

let’s see Adams skills!!!

AngryGoddess says:


tnskyhawk says:

Holo everyone

Prettywildthings says:

Could you put a nail vinyl on before you put the chrome on? Then peel off and top coat?

SAM Diva says:

That was an awesome design idea. I’ve seen people do designs with holo powder but never like that. I’m not a nail tech but I want to try this.

Katie Zee says:

Gorgeous!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

M Matthews says:

never mind I found it on your website.

Cole Talbot says:

Could you do this one backwards using the Popit (or whatever they are called ) nail molds?
I’m only asking because I can’t do my right hand as well as I can do my left. (I’m right handed).

Gabriela Alejandra del Valle says:

Beatufull & nice like always!! Please come to Mexico!!

bkbella bell says:

Favorite so far!

Maria Vazzana says:

Love it! Really love it!,

Iyana Donaldson says:

Mind blowin

United States BoysLove&LesTwinsFan says:

I swear at first I thought when she rubbed the holo graphic powder that was it and I was like boo :/// but then the end omg

M Matthews says:

Also where do you get the gel wipe off solution?

Lilyan Funck says:

I when to see Adam do nails

Jill Simmons says:

I love , love , love this design!

Thabi Vee says:

I’d like to see Adam do nails…..that would be something!

MizzRivera86 says:

colors are so beautiful!loving the pigments..

cleopatress says:

when is Adam going to do the nails? 😉

Michoelina Lawrence says:

Oh how I wish I had access to everything you do! Wish I could come play!

deyanira trevino says:

Make in spanish, or translate words on the screen please

Kellie Bunney says:

i am soooo addicted to watching your videos! this look is AMAZING!! i have an el cheapo kit on order with gel and acrylic and all sorts to start trying to do my own nails at home… i went with cheap because im not made of money and i am brand spankin new to trying so i know there will be a hhge learning curb before my technique is any good!

Dark Ninja10 says:

Yeah definitely I think he will be really good

diana rogers says:

i want to see adam do nails

Beth McCarty says:


RealisticSky Pearson says:

This is just kick ass! Awesome job

Ellie Walker says:

Woah!!!! I love

Gabriela Manrique says:

you are amazing girl

Nikki Black says:

that is freaking awesome!

Emma P says:

great idea. I love this design tfs

Ashley Kraemer says:

love this. can’t wait to try it.

Carly Green says:

JUST WOW!!!! thank you for taking the time to do this video

Rose Rayley says:

That is the freaking coolest holo design I have seen! I’ve seen some cute ones, but I was stunned when you revealed the first one, especially. I love it!

M Matthews says:

Where do you purchase the mega gloss?

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