Holo Nail Art Tutorial

F.U.N Lacquer from http://www.funlacquer.com/

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Katie Peeler says:

Simply nailogical brought me here

Chris Thon says:

I have that 24K Diamond – now I need to get that stunning blue one as well 😉 Great design! TFS

xXReaper27Xx says:

simply nailogical style XD

אלית יוספי says:

This vid is for christine

Moon Baby Nails says:

Very pretty.  Thanks for sharing.  TTYL, my friend.

Soheny Islam says:

could you do the polish mountain challenge please

ТСБ Север says:

Очень красиво получилось!

Little Reindeer says:


Soheny Islam says:

also love the nail art

ღ刘思清ღ says:

be careful when cristine and the hole sexuals are going to come and kidnap you

Luba Z says:

Holo Svetachka

HeyIt'sMe says:

Holo is everywhere

peggyt1243 says:

I came here after hunting for Sveta Sanders. I saw her videos on channels that had copied (stolen) her content. I enjoyed watching but wanted to watch the originator so she gets the views.

Taboulé De Bord says:

Holosexual anyone

Osana Najimi says:

Who else came from simply nailogical ??

Ariel Lynch says:

so. much. HOLO! <3

321 bug says:

this is for Christine I think

Nashi Tutorials - Nail Art and DIY says:


Kathy Barnes says:

So gorgeous! Love the design. Tfs

Cailey Cogburn says:

So beautiful! Thank you Sveta! 🙂

Dawn Griffiths says:

Stunning! Tfs x

Vitória Alborghetti says:

você é tão talentosa

Simply trashlogical says:


Rama Fathi says:

thank u for using holo that made me happy

Vidhya Yegireddi says:

Cool design

Tarah & sabrena says:

so cute i love you

Maria Cristiana7 says:

that title is soo simply nailogical style
btw love you and your tutorials

NailCouture says:

Я хоть и не очень люблю Holo, смотреть за выполнением этого дизайна сплошное удовольствие. Спасибо за видео!

Shahad H says:

وااوو حلووو

Amanda :3 says:

Holo everyone its me!

فراشه الوادي says:

جميل جدن ورورورورعه

Kim Kim says:

I came here from SimplyNailogical XD

•gayaѕғ • says:

don’t lie

u came here from Cristine

Lena Payne says:

Just beautiful! I really wish that I could afford to get some of these awesome polishes. Thanks for sharing. Just AWESOME!

sruthika paramesh says:

after watching the word holo I came in because of the holo queen

hello goodbye says:


Catlazat says:

Is Cristine flipping out right now???
She’s going to be so happy!

Tanya. Beauty85 says:

Вот какой дурак минусанул?????

eva greg says:

the pattern of tape is like the Simply Nailogical design

ThisIs Evi says:

you put the holo with a sponge

JaneteAaron Carrillo says:

can you pls go and teach @simplynailogiacal how to water marble!!! love you!

Tristan Smith says:


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