Halloween Drag Dry Marble Nails | Chrome Ghost Nail Art Design Tutorial

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No Water Needed for this black and white Halloween water marble nail art design. Chrome pigment lined ghosts done in with drag marbling or dry marble whatever you prefer …this is nail design is perfect for the nail art beginner or the career nail art pro who wants to amp up her nail game with hand painted designs at halloween! cute and fun for those who want to learn spooky hand painted nail art design or perfect the craft for professional nail techs who want to add challenge and earn extra money in their careers through the education of hand painting cute halloween nails. Learn to paint on friends and family or share these as an instructor of a nail school wanting to give their students the best full length lessons with online nail art tutorials that will allow them to create success in the beauty industry that will allow them to support themselves while having fun and finding joy for themselves and others while using inexpensive tools and techniques that use imagination and creativity!

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Raquel Bates says:

perfect for halloween.

Wayne Tadlock says:

Special thanks for the tips early in video on practicing dry marble. Have had a little luck similar technique and acrylic paint. <><

JayKB says:

Sorry, auto correct changed “woooo”.

Taryn Wallace says:


CuteKat111 says:

Love them! Absolutely Amazing!

qbtigerable says:

While using black and white marble, when I apply the top coat, I find the white and black polish streaks (even when dried over night). Any ideas on why and how to correct?

Cindy Joy says:

So darn cute!

Nancy Gallegos says:

Do just use nail polish?

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

these r freaking awesome!!

Jennifer Vieira says:

I absolutely love the ghost!
I just showed my mom and she said she use to paint my twin sister and mine nails with ghost when we were really little for Halloween.

Leidilian Ojea says:

muy lindo que numero de pincel utilizaste para hacer los diseños saludos

Nelly Castillo says:

different style nice

Kim Page says:

So cool, Robin! Gonna give them a try right now, and tag you on instagram! I’m @kimmyscuticles <3

Nancy Cuellar says:

love all ur designs n watching ur videos. just one thing. alot of times u are not in focus on the nail when ur painting

Nailart says:

wow amazing

Rosalinda Garza says:

Soooo cute !

Sandra Nemecek says:

you had me at
.. (halloween drag)!

durotha ates says:


Ten Little Canvases says:

I’ve tried tons of your designs and always make sure to say “Inspired by @robinmoses” to make sure you get the credit you deserve. You can check me out @rhondanailedit on Instagram.

lily Barr says:

I love this one.

April Luvs All things Beauty says:

Hi Robin, 1st let me say that I am a huge fan of your work. But who isn’t right? I was wondering is there any particular reason that you onnly do nail art on square nails? And is that acrylic on tips or just an overlay?

Diane Adams says:

Absolutely loovvee!!

runrunlolo says:

These are amazing! I love how you used the organic shapes from the dry marble to guide the shape of the ghosts

Mr Owl says:

I love this! I’m definitely going to have to try and do this. My instagram @kaotic.kay_nails!

Robin Grover says:

What brush do you use? Size and thickness. Artist brush or nail?

Laura Hentges says:

Amazing! Love love love!

child of cascadia says:

Thanks for the idea to practice on a flat surface. Ive been using those plastic nail art practice wheels, and Im having trouble with my technique- I vary the depth of the drag brush too much. A flat surface should help me get the depth down, then I can worry about the nail curve once my hand has some depth muscle memory.

JayKB says:

I was rewatching you video and have to share this with you. I was eating a Danish and had just put the rest of it down for my puppy to finish. She is trained not to eat until she is told it’s okay. She had just been told okay when you did that”soooo” at the end. Evidently she thought it was me telling her “nooo.”. She stopped eating immediately and was looking at me with the strangest look. It took me a minute to figure out why she had quit eating one of her favourite treats. When I finally made the connection, I burst out laughing! Just so you know, Robin, even my puppy pays attention to your videos! (I had to reaffirm that she could finish her treat before she would eat the rest of it. Poor baby.)

anglodaisy says:

Love ya, Robin! You’re an inspiration! Digging the ghosties, and think I’m gonna give this a go! My Instagram name is @anglodaisy
Got a few of my nail sets on exhibit!

Vashtie Tilokie says:

it beautiful

Sam Tan says:

I am @samwithatan on Insta! I really hope I have a client who will let me do these on her. They are super cute!

Leslie Boyd says:

Just love these! <3

UberChicPolish says:

I swear the marble design she did on the desk looked like the evil lady from the little mermaid. At least I saw it. Am I the only one that thought that?

annybubbles08 says:

Omg, I absolutely love these! Adding the ghosties in the dry marble was genius.

leannabana says:

These are amazing!!! @the_soapy_chef

MargieMama says:

I’m @margiesnailz and also in Oregon! Great ghosts!

A Red Spark says:

Ghosties! Extremly spoopy and cute

ilia aviles says:

love ittttt

Bessie Prendez says:

love all ur Halloween nails super spooktacular

no says:

I tried the ghost one with pink and this is not as easy as you make it look. going to try the black and whit maybe come out better. Very cool look

Andrea Vagt says:

I like ist so much. I think I’ll try to do it to Halloween,It’s my birthday. So cute these ghosts. Greetings from Germany

Anna Costello Wisniewski says:

i’m just learning by youtube cruising…some teachers are better than others, some are awesome…i think you’re awesome LOL…I don’t know instagram either but i have an account somewhere in cyberspace.

Lorna yanira says:


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