Gold Foil Nail Art

Suzie creates a bold nail art design with Gold Foil and Polish.

Nail Polish #753 and #540

Top Coat
Professional Acrylic Starter Kit


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Mrs Septiplier says:

Suzie: “You better not sneeze when you’re working with this…”
Cameraman: *sneezes loudly*

xoxTANIAxo says:

Suzie! Will you be making more nail kits? (:

Samantha Withrow says:

We want to see the mystery camera man!!!

Lena Caric says:


Jessica Aitken says:

personally i find gold leaf cooperates better with a dry, soft brush.

Alexis Aguirre says:

Grant by nail carreer education professional acrylic starter kit

Trines Nails says:

If you wanna keep the Mirror look then use a water based topcoat 🙂

Shannon Mobley says:

As someone who is owned by 3 cats, I would love to see yours. There has to be a way to incorporate cat hair into nail art. I just haven’t figured it out yet!!

Daniel says:

I prefer the videos without the background music 🙁

Rebecca Knowles says:

Suzie, will you be restocking your acrylic kit? I really would love to purchase one! Love this gold foil look!

Kelly Snyder says:

I love pure ice nail polish. It’s very affordable and available in many places.

Golden Carter says:

It looks like continents except, a darker color instead of the usual blues and green you’d see on the Earth. So cool!

Benjamin Deal says:

i think of the stone Lapis with the navy blue and gold leafing

Brenna McGill says:

Are you and the camera man ever going to date?!



tracie k says:

I have gold leaf and silver ones. I mix them sometimes it looks good.
Using Easter egg wraps is another one you can use

MarbleGray says:

The music could be quieter.. Just saying. (:

tracie k says:

Still waiting on the snake skin one. I sent you a pic of the ones from my daughter’s snakes

Jenna Sexton says:

she said not to sneeze hahaha

Ippi Penny says:

Gesundheit 🙂

newworldorder9 says:

She’s sooo awesome!

Nimra Fatima says:

Bless you camera man and Suzies reaction was soo priceless

Jade Rosey says:

You should try Geode Nails, such as Amethyst!

Lela Robinson says:

how long did it take for the pure ice to dry?

ioanna kourti says:


isabel fernandez says:

please make a video with the cameraman doing your nails or you doing his nails!!! please i love him so much

Marialla says:

I love the way the gold contrasts with the glitter polish. The scattering of light is so cool between the chunky gold and the tiny glitter bits. That’s my favorite! Also, love that particular glitter over the blue! That is my favorite nail here.

PatelSunny says:

Cat hair!!!!!!!!

Jesse Hill says:

I want to see your cat

River2384 says:

Does your salon actually sell some of the nail products too? And if so is that sort of common for salons or maybe just varies per salon. I’ve only ever been in a couple and I never got too much time to see all their products because I spent the majority choosing my color. I know most hair salons sell the products they use but I always wondered if it was the same in other types of salons as well.

Kathy Lee says:

OMG camera man <3

CookieGamerMC says:

Can u get this post to 666 likes please ???

Raffy Punzal says:

damn camera man bless u in the name of the father son and holy spirit

Navia says:

Is it real gold??(Sorry if I’m a bit nosey.)

Lisa Reinhardt says:

Hi Suzie! Congratulations on 1 million! I love your videos so much and actually go back and re watch all your old videos every night when I am up at night with my 3month old son. 🙂 Having you bring out your own kit has inspired me to try nails. Unfortunately I am very allergic to strong smells so I can only try gel, but my kit is on its way and I can’t wait to try it out and learn with your wonderful videos! I live in Alberta but I wish I lived closer so I could take your course, hopefully one day I will be at least able to come visit your shop though. 🙂 Thank you for being so inspiring and for giving me the courage to try it for myself. p.s. if you ever brought out a gel kit or even made a video using a practice finger and applied gel and showed different techniques, I would be so happy 🙂

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