Fashion Matching Nail Art – How to Match Your Nail Design to a Designer Dress – Nail Tutorial

This is the first in a series of videos in which Kirsty Meakin, creates the full look. She has a client who has designer dress and wants her nails to match the theme of the dress.

The client also has short bitten nails, which means that kirsty has to sculpt a new nail in acrylic.

Starting with prepping the nail Kirsty, removes any non living tissue, removes the surface shine with a buffer and clean with acetone. She then dehydrates and primes the nail before adding a nail form. Kirsty first uses Naio Nails Warm Beige Acrylic Powder and Max Adhesion Acrylic Liquid, to create a cover pink thin base.

Kirsty then uses Naio Nails Clear Acrylic Powder with Max Adhesion Acrylic Liquid, to pick up some of Naio’s Copper Rose Cracked Ice Mylar and add over the Warm Beige Acrylic.

Kirsty then encapsulates the Copper Rose Cracked Ice Mylar with Clear Acrylic Powder and Max Adhesion Acrylic Liquid, using a one bead application technique

Once the Acrylic has set, Kirsty uses an Electronic File/ eFile to remove any bulk, before using a 100/180 grit file to file the nail into the desired shape. After buffing the nail with a white block, She then wipes the nail using a lint free pad and pure acetone which will smooth out the nail and remove an filing marks.

Kirsty then adds a layer of Naio Nails Urban Grafitti UV/LED Mega Gloss Sealer Gel and cures that for one minute in LED or Two minutes in UV. once cured Kirsty wipes of the sticky layer with a lint free pad and Gel Residue Wipe off Solution, then finishes the nail with Naio Nails Cuticle Oil.

To complete this tutorial you will need the following items which are all available on the Naio Nails Website:-

Clear Acrylic Powder –
Warm Beige Acrylic Powder –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Nail Prep/Dehydrator
Acid Free Nail Primer
Maximum Adhesion
Copper Rose – Cracked Ice Mylar –
180/180 Grit Nail File
Pure Acetone
Lint Free Wipe
Cuticle Oil QUZg
UV Lamp –

US https://
Europe (English)



sweetsugar says:

please find out where she got that dress from thanks x

Baljinder Sanchez says:

How to do non dominant hand I’m struggling to do the other hand of mine

vicki0145 says:

fab – U – lus…………………………… it especially the mylar :-)’a

Hannah Ehlers says:

the music while she was sculpting the nail was so distracting 🙁

Tania From Australia says:

love the video but I wasn’t a fan of the music half way through

Danielle Hughes says:

Do u live in brighton?? Xxx

Allelet Medina says:

Coloca subtítulos en español, por favor

Stacy Miley says:

I love when she does a nail from the very beginning.

cavaitcka love says:

The warm beige shud be banned for a while its the acrylic color in jst about every single video

dancrnstyle says:

she makes me want to be a nail tech so bad. just me?

Ruth Adamson says:

Very pretty!! Although am I the only one who found the music a bit distracting?!

Beauty By Ambuurrhh says:

What is the black material you line the table with now? Looks nice! Is it acetone/monomer resistant? I’m looking for something pretty to protect my table.

Felicia Marie Torre says:

Done this for a long time… Can you do more than one nail per day please?

Mad max miller says:

I’m a big fan! Can’t wait for some more videos.Love from the US.

Baljinder Sanchez says:

Can u teach me how to do non dominant hand which is hard

xItsJustElsiex says:

What does the nail dehydrated do

Khloe Churko says:

I love your videos but I wasn’t a fan of the music in the video this time. I like the silence or you talking, almost like I’m sitting there with you watching. Haha

Meaghan Lefebvre says:

I wish your products were available in Canada. As a Canadian nail tech we don’t have a lot of selection available to us which is quite frustrating. I love watching your videos!

Ashley Sisneros says:

Your so sweet love ur work girl

Izzie says:

I looked away for a sec and heard the music… thought the video ended 😀
I was like… what!?

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