Fashion Matching Nail Art – Flocking Powder Fur Effect – How to Use Nail Fur – Nail Tutorial

This is the last in a series of videos where Kirsty Meakin has a client who wants to match her nail design to the designer dress she will be wearing for a wedding.

In this video Kirsty demonstrates the correct application of acrylic powder on two nail. Firstly she preps the nails be pushing back the cuticle and removing and non living tisuue, then she removes the surface shine from the nail. Kirsty ten applies a naio nails nail form, beofre using nail prep dehydrator and acid free primer on the nail.

Kirsty then use Max Adhesion acrylic liquid and Warm Beige acrylic powder to sculpt the nails. Kirsty uses a pinching tool to give the nail strength by adding more of a C-Curve tot he nail. One the acrylic is set Kirsty uses an efile and naio nails Tapered carbide drill bit to remove the bulk from the nail. beofre using a 180/180 grit hand file to refine the shape. Kirsty buffs over with a white block and then melts the top surface with pure acetone on a lint free pad, this will smooth the nail further.

On the Thumb, Kirsty uses sculpting gel to create a sweetheart shape and the applies caviar micro beads to the gel.
Mega gloss is used to cover the nail before then applying the flocking powder fur effect. She repeats the process on all nails.

This completes the look which the client wanted, giving you an insight into the type of things kirsty is asked to do whilst working in a salon.

Regularly Used Products :-
Natural Beige Cover pink Acrylic POwder –
Caviar Microbeads –
Light Rose, Fur-fect Nail Art 10ml –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Nail Prep/Dehydrator
Acid Free Nail Primer
Maximum Adhesion
Dotting Tool
Pinching Tool
180/180 Grit Nail File
Pure Acetone
Lint Free Wipe
Cuticle Oil

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stephanie russell says:

how long do you usually take kirsty do a set of nails arcylic and gel?

isgravybaby says:

Can you get the fuzzy nails wet?

bethany duncan says:

Stunning set xx

ChicaMade Crochet says:

You should go on tour so the world can experience your talent !

bosa 77 says:

+Naio Nails Great!

Amy's Space says:

I love your videos! Keep em coming!❤️❤️

jackie cousins says:

Just loved all this series of videos, one talented lady and put things over with such fun and passion, well done x amazing.

Maria Vazzana says:

I you like to see the camera man!,,,,

Jacqueline-Emma Dulcie says:

These nails turned out so nice ^_^

MissA Ofhearts says:

Iove your videos there awesome

Mary Hodges says:

how does the fur nails look after a shower? I’m afraid my nails would look like a wet dog. lol

Danielle Estrada says:

fuck those beep noises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…i cant watch this anymore. my poor dogs…and you had to have like 5 go off all of a sudden! insert angry face here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suz says:

End result is beautiful, who would’ve though to put fur on nails! 🙂  Kirsty, what brush did you use to apply the acrylic, I like the pink barrel? :)) TFS

abigal bartlett says:

omg so talented x I have just qualified as a nvq level 3 nail technician and you inspire me so much x

Candi Gryl says:

How long did it take?

katherine labelle says:

Kirsty I freken love you!!!!!!

sharon blubaugh says:

I wish you could do mine!!!!

PagnePagne says:

if only you can bottle Kirsty lol would love a full set but my shop cant even get almond right from round SMH

Amy Steele says:

Can Kirsty do a video were she just use nail polish and a brush no extensions or acrilic just nail polish comment yes or no and a reason

Sweet Emily says:

Great video! Have a nice day and good mood! Our like # 304

Cindy Joy says:

You did a fantastic job with this multi-nail design! Have a great weekend! xx

My Guitar-Covers says:

can you make a video of how to fix a broken tip of an acrylic nail please?

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

the colors here are to die for!! I love these!!

nailed it! says:

Loving this furry look!

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