Fashion Matching Nail Art – Creating a Lacey Design to match Dress Design – Nail Tutorial

This is the second in a series of videos in which Kirsty Meakin, creates the full look. She has a client who has designer dress and wants her nails to match the theme of the dress.

Firstly Kirsty Preps the nail by using Nail Prep Dehydrator and Acid Free Primer before putting on a Sculpting Form. She then applies warm beige acrylic powder and max adhesion acrylic liquid.

Kirsty then uses an eFile to remove any unwanted thickness before using a 180/180 grit hand file to refine the edges of the nail.
She then uses a white block to smooth out any marks left by the file. and then uses Pure Acetone on a lint free pad to clean and slightly melt the top surface of the acrylic to smooth even more.

Kirsty then uses a hard gel in the colour Modern Muse, which is a UV gel, to paint the nail. she does two thin layers. Kirsty then mixes ice white UV gel and Mega White Acrylic powder to create a putty using the putty.

After sealing the nails with Mega Gloss LED/UV Sealer Gel, Kirsty uses Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution and a 3D Brush to apply the paste in 1mm thick layers. Kirsty then uses a dotting tool to cut out sections of the putty to give the look of lace. Once it has been cured kirsty the add’s sculpting gel and bullion balls to finish the look.

Regularly Used Products :-

Soft Beige Acrylic Powder 130g –
Natural Beige Cover pink Acrylic POwder –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Mega White Acrylic Powder 130g –
Modern Muse – Colour UV Gel 5ml –
UV Gel Ice White 7g –
UV Clear Sculpture Gel 7g –
Caviar Micro Beads –
Nail Prep/Dehydrator
Acid Free Nail Primer
Maximum Adhesion
Dotting Tool
Pinching Tool
180/180 Grit Nail File
Pure Acetone
Lint Free Wipe
Cuticle Oil

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blulucille says:

I’ve never seen anyone mix hard gel and acrylic before! Very neat.

Stacy Paul says:

is this modern muse gel still avaliable clicked the link but it wont work and i cant find it on the site either, absolutely love the colour so if this isnt avaliable is there anything else the same colour, either acrylic, gel or gel polish x

tia louise says:

what brush do you use to sculpt out the nails?

lisaeboni says:

Im wondering, since I just ordered this product. Does the Max Adhesion require primer?

Cindy Joy says:

Love the design on these nails!

Michelle Alexander says:

absolutely love these nails

Suz says:

Stunning design, I wish you could come to our college and do a demo with your products! :)))

Sarah Hassan says:

one little question why one nail in warm and the other in soft beige ?

Kathryn Sygrove says:

Beautiful as always, bring on part three……I’m soooooo impatient lol xx

crispy says:

Hello, I do have a question related to nails. I don’t have a lunula.. and i’ve never met anyone with the same “condition”before.. Where are my lunulas? what did i do wrong?

also, i’d like to mention that i don’t do anything to my nails.. i feel like they are pretty manly.. so if i do anything to them it would look like a sad drag queen.. and drag queens are supposed to be happy. BUT i watch every single naio nails video cause it’s super relaxing and i love listening to your voice. i hope this is not that weird.

Nada Buzatov says:

bravo Kristi <3 Exselent !! <3 :* :*:*

Harley Quinn says:

how much do u charge for a full set at ur salon??

Baljinder Sanchez says:

Where’s part 3

Terrijo Frye says:

Omg girl I’m learning to be a nail Tec. I love u and what u do I would give anything for u to do my nails

Jane76 says:

Kirsty could you mix the gel with pigments instead of acrylic powders?

Nelson Evangelista says:

Hello my name is yohANNA AND I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS

Sharron Smith says:

Why does nail tech never get the edges of the nail,Just asking,Still love your work,,,

Naomi Willys says:

After adding acrylic to the gel is there a time frame for the mix to be used

Siddiqui4 Sister says:

oh my God
how can u girls eat food in that nails like churail

Dark Celtic Star says:

Love your craft!! You do amazing nail art!! I do wonder, when you file or buff your clients nails, does it ever scratch or mess up your own nails polish?

Leslie Boyd says:

Quick question…when I use the colored caviar beads the color washes away and I’m left with silver caviar beads, do you know what i could do to keep the color from fading?

Micky Neumann says:

woooohooooo sooooo beautiful ♡

yvette vargo says:

can you show use how you make an aquarium nail?

Ke-rung Suen says:

I have a little question, wishing Kristy can give me some suggestion.

My friend called me, she wants me to do her nail (of course for free…), but I know her ring finger have a serious curve and her middle finger also have a little curve to her ring finger, if she has long nails, the ring finger nail will cross her middle finger, but she wants me to do extremely long nails because she loves to.

In this case, should I just go for it or make some kind of balance?

Lioness7 says:

thank u for letting me know that ur gels are Led curable. they should fix that on Naio ‘s websites. :0)

maddie button says:

Weird question but are the jems on your tattoos dermal piercings or just like glue on gems. Your tattoos are absolutely beautiful btw you should do a video on them

Leanne Ramsay says:

Can you do a behind the scenes like setting up video and cleaning brushing and things!? X

Ashley Sisneros says:

Congratulations u finally got the right corner lol

Veronique Di Stefano says:

very beautifull

Amy Steele says:

Can kirst do a nail video where she just uses nail polish no acrilic or nail extensions just the natural nail

grey roses says:

Absolutely gorgeous work, but I found all that extra (& loud-ish) bg music to be sadly distracting from the process. :/

Zariel Glenn says:


Ashley Florez says:

I just watch this for relaxation

Sarah Woolridge says:

just placed my first order with naio nails !!!!!!!!!!



Amykins Nail Art says:

If I didn’t have closed captions on I wouldn’t be able to understand Kirsty because the music is so loud… might want to turn up her audio!

Mimeto Spasova says:

Can video how to remove pain and decoration

Molly Moo says:

I don’t know if you already have done, but is it possible to do a video about- or give me the link to Naio Hard Gel that cures in LED please? iv been on the site and cant figure out which ones are just UV curable and which ones are UV and LED. Thank you

Jacquey Lynn says:

ive tried this and was wondering if filing over the “sugar lace effect” design after cured would make it look cleaner. any thoughts??

veyroncabrio says:

Pretty smart !

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