Easy Nail Art For Beginners!!! #25 | JennyClaireFox

Its that time again! Easy nail art for beginners! I hope you love these easy nail art designs and want to try them out. THUMBS UP for more! Let me know which mani is your fav! 🙂

nail stripers: http://bit.ly/1IAWgwL
dotting tools: http://bit.ly/1ckkhuO

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Evelyn Jackson says:

I love #2

Karen Brint says:


diamonds4384 says:

The last one was my favorite! Thanks for making something so simple look so chic!

Ashlee Oquendo says:

Design 2

Denise Long Shiflett says:

Love them all!! I love that blue color on number 1 on your pinky and thumb? Do u know name & who by?? Ty.. can’t wait for the next video #26!

Lisa Thaler says:

+Jenny Claire Fox: Where are you, Jen? I am missing your videos! XO

Corin Lee says:

Where do u get the dotting tools

Vicki Hammons says:

Hi Jen, I just discovered your videos yesterday and have watched them all! I really like the idea of these and hope that you keep doing them:) Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Christine DAngelo says:

I love the 2nd one.. I did my nails like it and they came out awesome.. Thanx

Carmen Arriaga says:

i liked design #3

Ellie Cox says:

design 2 is way cool looking and they all are easy and cute. I am going to try all 3!

Sylvia Garcia says:

I love the series of nail tutorials. I am also thinking about bringing the tutorials to my nail technician. Who is not proficient in nail art.

Shannon Lewis says:

can you sort out your Google+ I wanted to see easy nail art but its filled with porn

Mandy Kharod says:

Thank you, I have wanted to switch up my plain old coloured nails, with nail art, but the ones I’ve seen look very hard, yours seem very easy, especially the dot ones. Do you have a particular brand of nail polish you like?

yalonda hamilton-johnson says:

3rd one

prachi mehta says:

please continue these

Tracey Szczepanik says:

I really like number 2!

Olivia Raisbeck says:

#2 is my favorite you have ever done in all of these videos! I just took off my nail polish to try it!

Sternenstaub168 says:

Love all of them

Sadia Hameedi says:

it’s been so long since u uploaded !!!! I miss your videos !!!

Majid Ali says:

Jenny you are a best teacher. …..
Love u…..

Alina Ash says:

Al, of these were unique and gorgeous in their own way but I really LOVED the second manicure

Emma Munson says:

1:56 it looks like a crown

MsCerise007 says:

You always make it soo hard to pick the best design!!! I want to try them all but which one First????

Alanna Metivier says:

can you please keep on doing more “nail art for begginers”

tanya letamendi says:

watching through you’re videos- if anyone can I think it’d be you to pull the tutorial off- what about like a puppy dog face, then like a few bone designs?
thanks in advance!

mayra guillen says:

Miss your videos

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