Easy Halloween Nail Art – Naio Nails Tutorial

In this video Kirsty show you how to scupt medium length stiletto nails and also od some very simple nail art which only involved colours and shapes, to create little characters

This channel combines Kirsty Meakins experience in the nail industry and Naio Nails fantastic product range which is nearly all available world wide.

We attempt to give you an entertaining look at the kind of techniques you can use as a nail technician of as someone just doing nails for yourself or even just for fun.

Special Products used in this tutorial:-
Musical Acrylic Powder – http://bit.ly/24hGzCR
Midnight Stardust Acrylic Powder – http://bit.ly/2e1ViOL
Polycolor Acrylic Paint Collection – http://bit.ly/2c6AZhE

Regularly Used Products :-
Clear Acrylic Powder – http://bit.ly/1UhW386
Natural Beige Cover pink Acrylic POwder – http://bit.ly/1XK8t6q
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel – http://bit.ly/22C1Ne2
Urban Graffiti Top and Base – http://bit.ly/1RwWvcv
Form http://bit.ly/1NyXTK0
Nail Prep/Dehydrator http://bit.ly/1RwOkfn
Acid Free Nail Primer http://bit.ly/1Mks7oY
Maximum Adhesion http://bit.ly/1UhGbm9
Dotting Tool http://bit.ly/1RHt6eZ
Pinching Tool http://bit.ly/1Vg2tom
180/180 Grit Nail File http://bit.ly/1Mzuv5V
Buffer http://bit.ly/1XJHaZZ
Pure Acetone http://bit.ly/1SrWpss
Lint Free Wipe http://bit.ly/1pHh9PN
Cuticle Oil http://bit.ly/1RoQUZg

Website: www.naio-nails.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NaioNailsUK

Twitter: www.twitter.com/naionailsuk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/naionailsuk

Spooky Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://www.twinmusicom.org/song/250/spooky-ride
Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org


Angela Vine says:

I want to know where to buy that drill bit

sam i am says:

Beautiful very simple looks just stunning I absolutely love them.

Just Missy says:

oh I would love my nails doing by you wish you lived in my area I love watching your uploads so thank you x

daphne rone says:

i like that..thats not simple….

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

those shape made tht nail look like an edge nail!! u could use a play on lights if u were unable to do an edge nail on ur own….
oh the ideas….

carol loftus says:

Kirst can you tell me where to purchase all the products you use in your videos. I have gone unto naio nails page they don’t have any of the holographic or chrome you use. Thank you.

Sandra Castillo says:

súper!!!! padrisimo!!!! very nice!!! greetings from México!!!

meeshnicolep says:

Super adorable!!!!

Tatiana Nijs says:

Why use 2 colors for the 2 sides of the nail??

Valerie Quintanilla says:

Good morning from New York City ❤️

Bethany does the things says:

Seems like a waste to cover up that pretty sparkly acrylic…

Jazz Thomas says:

Stupid Halloween

Joanne J. says:

I would DIE to get my nails done by Kirsty

Ekaterina Valienrose says:

Why did you make one side black and the other grey?

Jenny Van der plaats says:

Hi love you….i am cronicle ill and every day looking forward to your video’s! your voice your hair etc. i like you and specialy your humor! love from the netherlands xxxxxx

Megan Rivera says:

Aw Kirsty, you’re so funny and cute, I wish I lived in the UK so I could come to your salon! ♥ ♥ ♥

Tania From Australia says:

I think another name for a cape is a cowl?

Frederick Miller says:

I teach different types of art courses – and I’ve become addicted with your nail sculpting and painting techniques (I wonder if the nail acrylic could be used on small sculptures ??) Anyway….just wanted to chime in and let you know you are a true artist – you can sculpt, paint and perfect everything you create. Excellent work and you’re hilarious, to boot. *cheers*

Leah Anderson says:

Love these nail art videos

Julieta Machincuepa says:

que lindo trabajas te admiro mucho me inspiras y que simpática eres

aliengrrl says:

these are so cute. Don’t change the vids are adorable and fun

krldwns says:

She never says to cure when she does the acrylic?

Chrissie Pie says:

Why did u use the colored acrylic if u were going 2 just paint over the whole thing? Just curious.

Isa van den Brink says:

Some dutch people? ❤️

Francisca Florido says:

there is another yotuber with your name naio nails its the same ,,, she has the same picture en her canal

mchele66 says:

does acrylic stain your skin

Alaska Ferrer says:

muy bonitos diseños

Minecraft Leo And Friends says:

i love watching your work

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