Easy Braided Nail Art (using DIY polish decals!)

Easy braid nail art! DIY braided nails! Easy nail designs!

Here’s a unique way to create braided nail art by making your own polish decals! For this design, I used ‘Mum’s The Word’, ‘Greenlight’, and ‘Hello Pretty’ from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line.

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Sally Hansen | Complete Salon Manicure – Mum’s The Word:

Sally Hansen | Complete Salon Manicure – Greenlight:

Sally Hansen | Complete Salon Manicure – Hello Pretty:

Sally Hansen | Complete Salon Manicure – Clear’d For Takeoff:

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khizra aziz says:

r you also give some video’s on cutepolish

Everyday Nailing says:

im scrolling through your channel, and wtf, your designs are gorgeous!!! <3 <3

lily Barr says:

Awesome idea.

Musab Kahlon says:

Wow! This is amazing! Me and my best friend are using this design for Back 2 School. Approximately how many hours does it take for the nail polish on the plastic bag to dry?

Nashi Tutorials - Nail Art and DIY says:

Cute and easy to do!

Myishia Simmons says:

What a great way to do this otherwise very complicated design!

hardcandy2 says:

Amazing and beautiful, as always! :*

rnttreed says:

It’s about time somebody cuts out their own decals to make shapes shapes with them. I see people use the brush skills that I definitely don’t have lol. Plus, it’s flawless your way. Beautifully done. I have an idea though if your all ears. Cutting strips can be annoying. Especially if your doing a glass nail look. I bought a pair of 5 blade Herb Scissors off of Amazon for $17.00. It cuts out your stripes quickly and evenly. If you turn them to a 45 degree angle and snip then turn it over and snip again, you will get like 20 little diamonds that took you 5 seconds. And a single paper hole punch to punch out a white and grey drag marbled moon decal for a night sky mani. Cutting your DIY decals creates endless possibilities for people with busy life styles plus kids. Thanks for the video.

Brandi Munguia says:

This is so simple and so customizable. I love it and can’t wait to try it myself. I always watch these tutorials and never really want to take all the time to do the actual manicure but this one is so simple to do and the end result looks so good, I actually want to paint the decals right now before I go to bed so I can do my nails as soon as my husband leaves for work later on this evening.

Jadeyyy98 says:

I really like your nail tutorials! I recreated the Lush inspired bath bomb nails from a while ago, and they look great! Keep posting these videos! ✨

Sonia Pons Nail Art says:

Wow very nice result!

Maryam Asfari says:

Love the design and the color combo!

Maya McCarty says:

love the design. thanks for the tip!

TrysomeofTwentyOnePilotsPhantasticMilkandCookies says:

Wow you are very helpful

Sarah Sodoma says:

+HannahRoxNails i was just wondering what kind of sandwhich bags do you use for your decals?

Payal Relwani says:

looks gud

Ruby Roro says:

your nails are so BEAUTIFUL:)

Easy Hairstyles says:

Very nice. ..is cute

Valegoose YT says:

the nail polish peeling of the sandwich bagel was satisfying to mee.just saying im probably the only one who thinks that

bhisham nenwani says:

better not so good

Leian Abundo says:


Jadeyyy98 says:

I really like your nail tutorials! I recreated the Lush inspired bath bomb nails from a while ago, and they look great! Keep posting these videos! ✨

海凱迪 says:

This is soooooo clever! Love it!

Ruby Roro says:

sooooo cute Hannah, I love your videos:)

jodee doherty says:


shubhangi tambale says:
rhian hatway says:

i like your nail art i’m a new subscriber and i see your old video
you are so creative and i like the fact that u use toothpick for your design
(i use toothpick too for my nail ;)) instead of tool you are soo inspiring

WhatLydDid says:

When you peeled off the yellow it looked like a Dairylea cheese slice haha!! Another awesome tutorial and beautiful design xx

bloodymaryisawhore says:

what a lovely design! this looks so gentle and cute

Eiman Malik says:

I love your nails they look amazing. Could you please do soccer nails?

Ladybug Girl says:

This reminds me of a pie lol!

Anne-Catherine Mulhern says:

This is really cool

kirsti fitzpatrick says:

Beautiful hun xx

shubhangi tambale says:

Mindblowing idea Hannah.! <3 🙂

Kavita Singh says:

Hanna you are generous

Dorz Jaiden says:

thank u for this tutorial miss hannah❤

Ibrahim Ibrahim says:

wow never seen such a thing amazing

Josephine Babin says:


Ciara Nails says:

wow girl that’s badass i like that

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