DIY Xmas Tree Nails | Christmas + Winter Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Here is a Beautiful and fun hand painted Christmas Tree AND winter wonderland Nail Design that I did many years ago on youtube but had a crappy camera! This xmas design is so fun to do and so easy once you get the hang of it! Keep your paints thin and you have everything you need to perfect this freehand nail design perfect a for beginner nail artists to advanced career nail techs who want more nail art education in hand painted designs using just brush or microbeads, bling and more to create full on gorgeous christmas trees however fierce you want! Please SUBSCRIBE & Follow my DIY Nail Art Freehand Painted Designs for those seeking to take their nail art to the next level! Learn how to use nailart tools and master nails using inexpensive materials. Make extra money by picking up techniques with no tools at all and keep the knowledge with you always! No one can ever take your knowledge from you! Try one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and have fun painting! For those who actually read these, pleaase learn more about me and read below.

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I do designs to give you ideas to 1. Get you started in a real nail salon environment 2. Keep you inspired if you are down and have no ideas at work and need them fast! 3. Inspire you to keep going in new directions and laugh with me if you are a master. I never stop learning and vow to keep giving designs to the world so I can feel proud of my life.

What is important to me:

Nail art is something seemingly small but a huge positive in our world. This career is magical one for those who work hard and find the key I talk about all the time. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life and you are creative and want to be challenged, handpainted nail art will give you an outlet to do something very rewarding and it really did save me.
However, Nail art is sometimes shrugged off as meaningless, it is mocked, it can be expensive if you don’t know what you NEED… But what has been most hurtful to me is that it’s stolen by others and used to show off, get likes, be popular and hasn’t got a strong community online yet. It is growing so fast that many think that copying without giving credit to the artist is Okay. We must change this.
As one of the pioneers of hand painted nail art, you have to be strong to do this as a job and all I ever ask is to say #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you copy my work.

My love to you and Merry Christmas!


wendy wendy says:

wow what can I say I’m a bit late tonight sorry I missed you this design is simply wow love it can’t wait till nearer Christmas so I can try these gorgeous designs xxx

Melissa Rodriguez says:

Hi Robin , i’ve been watching your YouTube channel fir years and I must say that you are such an awesome artist. I recently searched Google for a Trans-Siberian Orchestra inspired nail art design and have found nothing at all. Do you think you can design one?

Melany Cullen says:

magnifico eres la mejor saludos

lemonfairy0507 says:

love it, robin!!! perfect winter design!!! :*

Fran Maria says:

olá Robin , amo seus vídeos , as unhas ficam perfeitas . Mas gostaria de saber se tem como você traduzir para português . Já fiz algumas e deu certo .Bjs. obg

Melissa maldonado says:

These are so gorgeous!! How do the beads stick to the orange wood stick?

Leidilian Ojea says:

me encantó muy lindo

Norse_ Butterfly says:

So last year I free handed all my nail art for the holidays thanks to you. This year, thanks to chronic pain, I’m stamping and using stencils. I still try to make decals free hand! Can you do a Christmas themed zebra design? (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome awareness is the zebra). Something even my shaky hands could try to do?

cataubawoman says:

It’s kind of weird and off-putting to be so obsessed with giving credit to inspiration. I assume they are not making money off of posting pics of their creations? What good does it do you to get credit anyway?

Dasdawon says:

So cute!

Beatriz Tobon says:

Your nail art is awesome , you have a lot talent !!!

Dakshata Suryavanshi says:

Beautiful xx!

colombepetite says:

OMG! You do the best Christmas nails! I loves this design so much.

Lorrie m. holsten HD says:

Love watching your videos, you are wonderful! I’d love to see a starry night nativity scene by you!

Christina Marshall says:

Very pretty design. But what happened to the stars? She didn’t want them? I just think the ones that you decorated would’ve looked more festive with them 🙂 Last winter I did a beautiful forest design on all my nails, and loved it. But I didn’t think to decorate any of the trees, so thank you Robyn!

Cute Crafts says:


Brandi Bordelon says:

sry , I meant to say you

lily Barr says:

Beautiful as always Robin.

coyarose says:

Freehand nail artists unite! I feel like a snob, but it really friggin’ hurts when I see stamping this, and stencil that get so many likes and followers while I’m over here painting my nails for 500 hours and no one notices hahah. Well people do notice and I appreciate my followers/friends, but I have to work the instagram system/hashtags to be seen.

Fran Noerr says:

Robin, I’ve been watching on and off for years please please link YOUR brush. I noticed your name on it! Yahooo!

Kellie Westley says:

what I love with this one showed me what I need to do on my big painting with my trees . and what I want to do on my nails between this on the pocesta I cand decid love your work and I share.

Yvonne Dancy says:

Just lovely!

DJLian Do says:

Hi Robin, i asked myself… do you even use designs on your own nails? I have never seen your nails with color on it… yes scratches off from the brush or so, but no beautifull decorations by yourself???

1 & only Arlicia says:

simply beautiful

lori wargo says:

i love these. the little balls brought it to life. i almost feel like there should be tiny animals looking up at the tree. lol thanks for sharing these. Merry Christmas !

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