DIY Holo Glitter Nails | Lush Henna Princess DIVA Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: for NEW art every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! In this lavender and pink gradient or shaded ombre Nail Design, Juicy wears both a cut out chevron french in two tones of peachy pinks and has a lovely henna Indian princess accent nail with hints of holographic glitter throughout lots of little diamonds. The polish was from @madam_Glam and very highly pigmented. This look is fierce and so lush. The best part is the HOLO glitter nail that is done with the buffed liquid glass chrome technique done with polish. No gel for a glam strobe like effect that is perfect for the chrome nail, metallic nail art and make up movement that is the rage, the Metal Nail Art Craze and the Glam trend du jour! I love this design and I hope you do too. If you are doing nail art for beginners or if you are an advanced career tech who wants to further their education for a career including hand painted nail art, this design is boss. The holo glitter really makes this design pop and you can find this glitter at rite aide right now! If you try this design, show me in the links below!

If you need brushes, email me! I ship international! title: BRUSH INFO! and ill hook you up!

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Hemalee Ratnayake says:

how is it that its so perfect all the time .

Katie Kennington-Williams says:

these are surely one of my favorite diva nails! so bright and groovy!

Raquel Levin says:

Your so happy i love that

Cassandra Smith says:

the nails look good but she talks to fuckin much

Hugh Jass says:

It looks more like glitter than chrome

LC Couponing says:

I love the fantasy makers holo glitter! I stock up every Halloween too XD

Angel & Macayla Perez says:

When you put the glitter on is it just over regular nail polish?

sierra vaughn says:

What city do you do nails in?

Lovely Hazrahnuru says:

plz tell her to clean her nails cause its dirty

Brenda McKitric says:

Those are cute Robin

Tonya Mccray says:


Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

tht really looks like Juicy’s real nails…is it? cuz a july video (for Talia, mint mani) showed them short…

Ayana Chang says:

How do you tie your shoe laces

Precious Johnson says:

You should make some cat claw nail

Julio Serrano says:

lol this is Becky using my bfs account

Stacey Breland says:

you are youtube popular. maybe we should contact Ellen show and let her know what you do for all the people by teaching us how to do nailart. and perfect nail art at that!!! enjoy your movie binge.

Amy Sanders says:


bluegreen says:

Does anyone know your techniques better than Juicy? Probably not! What say you, Robin?

Lela Robinson says:


Agathe Ether anything that could help stomach pain says:

lol thank you Robin. your awesome

Lela Robinson says:

Robin makes the cheapest materials and stones look soooooo lush and juicy!

afhudson0105 says:

Those Madam Glad colors are so luscious! I just adore this design.

Mariena Chandler says:

As soon as u asked what name, I immediately thought of princess jasmine haha

Myishia simmons says:

Very pretty and you’re right so princess like! I like the addition of the burnished glitter, but the holographic chrome pigments that I have are a smaller micron. Very pretty just not a holographic chrome.

It's Em! :D says:

These are NOT pinks…..

Julio Serrano says:

I love these nails so beautiful. I just wish I liked pink and had the patients to keep nails on.

gabriela llamas says:

I’m in love with these!

Yadira Moreno says:

woo hermosas

Tara Strickland says:

soooo gorgeous

patricia cordova says:

girl I told you I have the bomb Mirror glitter!!! I tried to contact you to see if you wanted to get in on it. inbox me @ Patricia Cordova on fb

Frances Wynkoop says:

I got an idea for juicy’s nails,robin!!!

Nuvia Parra says:

hola soy de VaVenezuela podrían traducir vídeos en español

thekrisann01 says:

i friggin love theseeeeeee

Tonya Wallace says:


Lenita Nelson says:

Where r u located +Robin n will u ever do live classes on acrylics n then on nail art? I always love all of ur work ur sooo creative; however I’m always curious about whether u did the client’s acrylics or not?

Keeley-Rae says:


A.G. says:

I want in on the fun you and Juicy have… you’re too funny and talented might I add!

Joanna Horton says:

so love all your work!!

Leslie Boyd says:

Gorgeous nails! What kind of top coat do you use?

kfotwo3 says:

what does the glitter adhere to on the glitter nail?

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