DIY Filigree Nails | Black and Silver Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: for NEW art every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! In this elegant black and silver filigree nail art design that is show stopping and extremely inexpensive to do once you get the technique down. If you are interested in my brushes, email me directly at with #brushinfo as the title and i will ship personally for now until my store is up if you need help with a good brush for filigree. If you are a very serious, this design can be a true test of patience for beginners who want to learn hand painted nail art design or even perfect your craft if you are a professional nail tech who want to up their game through putting their education of hand painting nails to work. Learn to paint on friends and family or share these beautiful swirled filigree with leaves in black and slver to an instructor of a nail school wanting to give their students the best full length lessons with online nail training…My nail art tutorials will allow you to create success in the beauty industry that will allow them to support themselves while having fun and finding joy for themselves and others. Please share your work with me if you try this design. I do all i can to teach and i love when you show me what you learn in the links below! (epecially instagram!):D

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Alicia Turner says:

Beautiful work like always

Irish Diva says:

Very nice!! I love how the white made the nails scrolling more 3 dimensional . I’m doing a lot of black lately so I will have to give this a try . Thank you

Melinda M says:

I’ve always tried to figure out colors for highlighting and where is the best placement. Especially on scrolls

kirsti fitzpatrick says:

Absolutely stunning love the scroll work I really struggle doing filigree think I need to save up and get your brushes do you ship to UK?

Angie MacKnight says:

That’s so simplistically beautiful!!!

Kimberly Laporte says:

I have to say that I absolutely love love love you! you are amazing. my client about 4 or maybe 5 years ago came in with a picture of rainbow nails with love birds , I did them and did not know until 2 years later that they were yours. I was so excited that I had done one of your designs I almost peed LOL… You are an inspiration to all of us. thank you so very much for taking you’re extremely valuable time to help the rest of us. this has nothing to do with nails and I don’t know if you already have one posted but I would love to see a picture of all your dogs

Simply Nails World says:

Oh man, your works are so beautiful. I’m going to school to study nail tech so I can do like you.

Lashay Taylor says:

these nails are gorgeous as usual, you know what would make these even more gorgeous? absolutely nothing. however a hint of teal would be pretty. but then again Miss robin you’re the expert and a excellent one at that.

pggysu says:

Thank you so much for sharing all your tips with us, Robin. This is so perfectly beautiful and timeless. Like a basic little black dress, it will never go out of style.

Stacey Adams says:

Those are so stunning.

Angela Santo says:

you rock girl….I also have learned so much from you! Thank you so much for all your beautiful nail tutorials and your magic teachings! xoxoxo

Helen Live says:

You are awesome and amazing, every single nail art are my favorite I love watching ur video. God bless you. and keep up the good work.

sabrina b hilton says:

Beautiful Robin thank you☺❤

Linda Rodgers says:

What kind of paint or gel do you use for your art?

Christena collazo says:

they look amazing

rosedeveny says:

I love your work! And have been watching your work for the past 3 years. Where can I pick up a set of the brushes you have designed?❤️

marion d says:

i just love all you work!

Tressa Nova says:

very nice nail)))

Jo ann Van Sant says:

They are just gorgeous!! Your artwork looks so realistic and effortless! I really admire your beautiful talent 🙂

RavenVelith says:

I am terrible at filigree, but I want to try this. Are your pearl and silver paints from Folk Art? I’m floored by how opaque it is. I have one silver by Folk Art and it’s not nearly as strong. I love your work. Thank you for posting your tutorials. I know they’ve inspired me more than once. 🙂 I’m the person who posted a recreation of your fruit loops nails on your Facebook last year, btw. 😀

child of cascadia says:

Robin- you are so talented. You make freehanding look so easy. Seeing your videos has inspired me to move beyond vinyls and stamps and freehand, which I never thought I could do. But the vids are great and the detailed description of brush position and shape of lines really helps. Ive actually been able to make simple designs that are good enough to wear. I never thought it would be possible. Thanks.

Vanda Beijinho says:

lindas !!!!!

miss lilkev says:

Robin, I bought Apple Barrel acrylic paint and it didn’t wipe off with alcohol. Is there a specific strength of alcohol to use? The paint was well watered down.

Helen Live says:

You are awesome and amazing, every single nail art are my favorite I love watching ur video. God bless you. and keep up the good work.

A Red Spark says:

Your teaching makes it possible to do this even with wonky brushes, your designs look so good and feel homey, like you can tell alot of love goes into your craft.

Danny Nguyen says:

Robin! Can you tell me where to buy those good brush? Thank you!

lori wargo says:

love these. i am a sucker for swirls and curls. i never would have thought to add the white on top. still learning from you every week. love all of your vids. :))

Sandra Ruiz says:


Sharron Smith says:

Love your nail art,How does it looks on long nails, Instead of short Nails Thank You ,,,

Candy Nails says:

Love your videos,you make it look so easy to do ;D

Jane Abel says:

How much do your brushes cost? Are your brushes sold in sets or individually?

Agathe Ether anything that could help stomach pain says:

this tutorial was awesome I learned lost from this one. and as usual the nails was beautiful.

Tammy says:

These are so pretty Robin! It took me a week to use the brushes you sent me! I didn’t want to mess them up they’re so pretty! Lolol But, I finally did, and Oohhhh I LOVE them!

Jennifer Wilson says:

this might sound like a weirdo combo but here goes… do you have a red black and gold halloween tutorial ? or could you make one if you don’t ?

Leslie Boyd says:

Do you use satin or glossy acrylic paint?


Me encantan tus tutos. Thank you very much. I love your videos. 🙂

Rose Pearl Art says:

awesome….such a beautiful design

Mel Siedsma says:

Hey Robin (my muse) I’m curious how you come up with all your wonderful designs and how do you know what colors work so well together?

Britt Hogan says:

You are so talented, informative, and educational. Thank you for your inspiration!

Whisper Smith says:

Thank you Ms Moses for the tips.

Julie Jacobs says:

LOVE the design, Robin & appreciate all the great info you shared!! :-). <3

Rajshree Chaudhari says:

love, love, love.. superrr love it.. yaa I learned alot coz of your tutorials.. i keep on practising… again n again and evrytime i get surprising result.. thank you soooo mch Rabin

Tac 01 says:

omg why don’t you have 1million yet your so good you i hope u be as good as you one day

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