DIY Easy Christmas Nails | Chalkboard Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: Share with me on IG: Here is a Beautiful Christmas Nail chalkboard design! Do X-mas trees, candy cane nails, rudolph the red nose reindeer nails, holly berries, snowflakes, Xmas wreath, snowmen, merry xmas in lettering and so much more with this chalk board effect! These are an instant hit with children and for parties with lots of ugly christmas sweaters! Traditional red and green christmas colors and an easy template to follow, try this crazy design for xmas ! haha! This is just a very fun design for the holiday season! For beginner nail artists to advanced career nail techs who want more nail art education! Please SUBSCRIBE & Follow my DIY Nail Art Freehand Painted Designs for those seeking to take their xmas nail art to the next level! Learn how to use nailart tools and master Christmas nails using inexpensive materials. Make extra money by picking up techniques with no tools at all and keep the knowledge with you always! No one can ever take your knowledge from you! Try one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and have fun painting! For those who actually read these, pleaase learn more about me and read below.

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I do designs to give you ideas to 1. Get you started in a real nail salon environment 2. Keep you inspired if you are down and have no ideas at work and need them fast! 3. Inspire you to keep going in new directions and laugh with me if you are a master. I never stop learning and vow to keep giving designs to the world so I can feel proud of my life.

What is important to me:

Nail art is something seemingly small but a huge positive in our world. This career is magical one for those who work hard and find the key I talk about all the time. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life and you are creative and want to be challenged, handpainted nail art will give you an outlet to do something very rewarding and it really did save me.
We must stand together as freehand nail artists and share openly. As a pioneer of hand painted nail art, I know you have to be strong to do this as a job. All I ask is to say #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you copy my work. My reward is knowing I am finding and teaching this craft to whoever I can that do not have mentors. I want to help them and others who are searching! On Youtube, our work gets taken a lot by companies. My heart has been broken by this. It ALL can stop by saying who inspires you when you copy and openly sharing!

IF YOU ARE A BIG CHANNEL OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS……. Please show them this letter and we will grow and feel proud together. This is my entire lifes work and I gladly give it to those who want to learn but I need help and cannot do it without you, so let’s do this thing!!!!

be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a design! And to those who follow me regularly, thank you. I love you guys 😀 Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


miss lilkev says:

I would totally watch a long video if you made one.

Brenda Croteau says:

Frickin adorable! I love all ur techniques! How do you think of all your designs?

Dasdawon says:

Awesome job but I miss the step by step tutorials you used to do. I don’t mind spending an extra 15-20 minutes with you and your clients to learn new tips and tricks.

Tawny English says:

Totally chuckled when you said, “Oh, I’ll give him a bow tie!”

April Mckenzie says:

I love it! You posted as I was in Sally’s boasting about your brushes and art to anyone who would listen. lol! Missed out on being #1 or #4…..boohoo

Mary Sherlock says:

Love your nail designs…

Neyda Meneses says:

Hermosas espero que subas muchos diseños de navidad

Erikin says:

Que bonitas!!

Stacey Breland says:

I would def watch just thought I’d share with you. my kids always say Mom your watching Robin again? it’s either you or Kane brown I just love y’all. thank you so much

Teena Hawkins says:


Angela Santo says:

omg super cute

Patty Mulcahy Jones says:

As always your imagination is amazing!!!

candice bergstrom says:

yaaaaas! another great Xmas design! I was just browsing through holiday nail art designs on YouTube. Nobody has come up with more beautiful, fun, or creative designs than you my friend. Keep it up!

Vixotica says:


Loralee Hancock says:

Love these.

Juno Neith says:

This is so stinking cute, I wish I could do this on my nails : ( , great tutorial.

jacksontabasco says:

GORG! Love your work!

Brandy Lawson says:

great job Robin! u are awesome I just wish I could do the things u do I just love ur attitude and inspiration keep making this happen for us thank you

ayza khilji says:

hi robin !!! I really like Ur nail art they are all awsum and beautiful and pretty like Ur name !!!
I have a question if someone doesn’t have all these nail colour then what should she do plz suggest ! can she use the paint colour ??

missy sparrow says:

I LOVE these!!! ❤❤❤❤

Brenn Honeycutt says:

these are amazing!!

Mel Siedsma says:

robin… my niece recently turned one year old and I had to paint pumpkins for her birthday..
one of them I painted like a chalk board so I understand the scratch look you’re talking about

Chloe Liu says:

You are amazing

Mandy Trout says:

I love these!

Tac 01 says:

what was that wind noise in the back ground

Bombshell nailS says:

This is really cool Robin <3 You did the highlights. I love how you're doing the shout outs. Neat. Stamping has really made me spolied-I used to free hand and now hardly do lol <3

Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl says:

I need to get these paints I should try your designs… they are so amazing and I can’t do them with nail polish…well I have tried one of your designs 3 years back or two, I don’t remember… but it was awesome… I loved your work so much

wendy wendy says:

loving this I think its so cute I have your brushes on my wishlist for Christmas fingers crossed Santa might be nice to me lol

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