Creepypasta & Marble Hornets Nail Art | The Puppeteer and Masky Nails Design Tutorial

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CREEPYPASTA and MARBLE HORNETS Halloweens favorite horror stories and nightmares come to life is now a nail design! I will call this number #1 as I have others I am editing but this is the Puppeteer from creepy pasta and Masky of Marble Hornets. The story is on Youtube but basically its a scary story that have gotten me MANY nail art requests for halloween! I am making art for those who love horror so please contact me with any appropriate hashtags! I will gladly comply as I am a huge fan of the horror genre on Youtube!! I hope you like them and don’t be scared to try them! Just take it one step at a time, rewind and have faith that others will love it. This nail design can be for beginners who want to learn hand painted spooky and terrifying nail art designs or a craft nails for professional nail techs who want to boost their careers through the education of hand painting in any genre of nails. Learn to paint on friends and family or share these as an instructor of a nail schools to excel and understand today and the market of nail art in shops and are wanting to give their students the best full length lessons with online nail art tutorials that will allow them to create success in the beauty industry that will allow them to support themselves while having fun and finding joy for themselves and others.

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Kel Suth says:

it’s different too because they don’t realize you’re an artist. I mean anyone can paint glitter on a nail or “Holo” but you do ART!!

VampyRagDoll says:

I wish I was as ‘messy’ as you Robin. You are fantastic and it’s a shame people feel the need to be negative to such a gorgeous and talented person.

Ansje Loef says:

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

durotha ates says:

This was really good. Never heard of it before but good creepy characters on the nails.

no says:

really great design. very anime inspired look.

no says:

robin, if some says you webs are messy just tell them the spiders are on weed lol but really have they never heard of ART!

candice bergstrom says:

Well done!

A Red Spark says:

Robin, Masky is a character from the youtube series Marble Hornets, the creators said not to associate their characters with creepypasta

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

if u did it perfect, it wouldn’t have the same effect

MLG Cupcake says:

Masky is not a girl he is a guy

Anna Costello Wisniewski says:

epic. i love this

coyarose says:

When you are explaining why you aren’t a perfectionist during your tutorials is exactly what Bob Ross says during his painting shows!!

Arlo says:


Nailart says:

wow it looks s o hard to do it, but you did it easily:) amazing job!

MeridianXO says:

My son does Creepy Pasta cartoon shorts on youtube. Jeff (Or Geoff) the Killer is one of them. FunnyMahem is his youtube name. These nails are awesome!

naugler19 says:

Very cool, creepy work

awktopai says:

Ok, im not criticizing, but masky isn’t a girl. Nor does he have that hair length. Im not complaining, because as you said, the idea is to watch your videos and create our own art from that. Im really happy that you made this though! Not many people have made tutorials about creepypasta nails.

Renlee Knowles says:

Love it. But are you sure that is Masky, looks more like Jane. Not trying to be rude though.

JayKB says:

Every time I try to watch your videos now, I have a problem. My puppy recognizes your voice and runs up and sticks her head in front of the screen. She must remember your”Woooo.”. Or maybe she is just hoping for more Danish? What ever it is, just know that not only I am watching your videos, when I can see them, but you have a fan in a Weimaraner puppy, too! (And this is not saying that you are going to the dogs, even if you do feel like Grandma Moses! :-).

mommyof5gurlz says:

Great design, Robin.

Lisa Clermont says:

awesome and very cool and beautiful nails

Angela Santo says:

SWEET….Love this

Rachel Walker says:

I love your designs. I wish i could find someone who could do something similar near me. I’d probably get them done once a week!

Terry says:

Yes,I completely fall in love with this design:D For me a Man Ray inspiration design for the week…u’ll see:))Thanks to your tutorial I improve my face and body drawing:)

Katy Ryder says:

Don’t listen to the hate Robin, they don’t have to be perfect. And your personality makes your tutorials so fun to watch, I love them. 🙂

Raquel Bates says:

you are one heck of an artist.

sherry a says:

Ooh…scream Queens nail art would be awesome!! red devil and green swamp monster….I would luv to see that!!!

Mindy Bruno says:

love all your designed ,,,your so bless and talented,,, keep up the good work my friend,,,,

Tina Strangway says:

Another amazing manicure and awesome tutorial. You are such an amazing artist that paints on the tiniest canvas. Such talent

April Mckenzie says:

@1 yay…. finally lol! I love this design!

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