Chrome Nails with Chrome Water Marble Accent | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Today I’ll be showing you how to do these shiny Chrome Nails with a water marble accent. Products used are linked below.
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These are so shiny they’re actually really hard to capture on camera. I don’t think any of the pics I took show how cool they look in real life!

►Nail polish and products used◄
-Unt -Ready for Takeoff Peelable Base Coat:
-OPI – Black Onyx:
-OPI – Alpine Snow:
-Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat:
-5 oz paper cup:
-Room temperature filtered water
-Orange stick: (or your choice of sharp tool)
-(Optional) Simply Peel: or Liquid Latex: or Tape:
-Cleanup brush:
-Clean up with acetone:
-Pink Gellac – Ultra Shine No-Wipe Top Coat:
-Melodie Susie LED Nail Lamp:
-Chrome Pigment #AGA03 (I got mine from Ocean Nail Supply but there are many kinds sold many places)
-Sponge-tip applicator:
-Soft brush:
-Face Mask/Respirator:

-Start out with clean, dry nails and apply your base coat
-Use Black Onyx as the base color for the mirror nails, and Alpine Snow as the base color for the marbled nails
-(Optional) Prep around the marbled nails with Simple Peel
-In your cup of water, create a bullseye with the black and white polish
-Carefully draw in your design, then dip in your nail(s)
-Clean off the surface, then slowly pull out
-Remove protection if used, then clean up around the edges
-Finish (for now) with top coat and allow to FULLY DRY
-Once fully dry (several hours if not the next day), apply the Ultra Shine gel top coat; cure under LED for 60 seconds
-Apply the Chrome Pigment to the cured top coat with the sponge tip applicator – rub back and forth to “buff” the pigment into the polish
-Softly wipe away any excess pigment with a soft brush
-Finish by applying a final coat of gel top coat and curing

♫ Music is: Unwritten Return by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ♫

►Equipment Details◄
I record tutorials with a Canon PowerShot ELPH 510 HS:
Vlogging/Faceshots with a Logitech Webcam C310:
For lighting I use 3 flexible desk lamps:
With LED daylight bulbs:
I edit with Windows Movie Maker:
Adobe Premiere Elements:
And Adobe Photoshop (thumbnails):

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L.A DiNiro says:

WOW you are talented. I wish I could show you what my nail looked like so you could see just how good you are. Thanks for posting this. I am going to subscribe to you.

smartyfirst says:

I just LOVE this design!!!!!

Sonyah Depasse says:

Gorgeous and subbed because I’m just so impressed 🙂

Viet Tran says:

To eliminate the clean up steps for the chrome powder; I think you should use the special tool to apply the chrome. You can look it up on Ebay,Amazon….

Rebecca Bruce says:


A Purdue says:

Colette, do you know if you can use shellac instead of gel?

amy g says:

love her work but can’t deal with the upward inflection when she speaks

ashleycam72 says:

You’re a genius. This is so cool!

Adelix C says:

If anyone can answer this for me that’d be great! Been wanting to do chrome nails for a while now! With the LED or UV light can this be any cheap one? And between the curing of gel top coat for 60 seconds and buffing in the pigment how long should you wait?? Thanks 🙂

Maria Ortiz says:

yesss,, love it!!!

Dee Warren says:

You are the water marble queen. your nails look amazing

andbrokentwice says:

Did you wipe off your nail after curing the clear top coat? Or do you want the stickiness so the chrome sticks?

Leilani Bebe says:

you are the best!

Maryfrances Botkin says:

GORGEOUS! Was wondering that since you’ve now started using gel polish and the UV lamp, perhaps you could do a few tutes on how to do gel polishing at home? Removing it? Tips you have? Thanks, Collette!

Pattie Mail says:

Your Chrome Nail designs are awesome! You are amazing. I subbed to your channel. I can’t wait to experiment with my chrome powder.

Mary Yarnell says:

Can you give me any advice on getting my bulls eye to spread more evenly ?  I also find that the polish just stops spreading after 5-6 drops of polish.  I use filtered water at room temp. in a 5 oz. paper cup.

Maria Lorente says:

Nice,but I still think that the chrome
pretty much covered the stunning
water marble design.

CarolsVideos says:

Wow!!! Look at those nails!

Tracey Connors says:

Hi Colette, Can I use a “wipe” top coat with the chrome powder? I do my nails every week because I like to change up the colors and design. I don’t want to spend more time removing the polish than I do painting my nails 😀 And where do I find the link on the products you used so I know where to order them? TIA

Johana Salas says:


monicaaltamira says:

Stunning!!!! What a beautiful manicure!!

Ve Zapata says:

Water marble to a whole new level

Jekaterīna Avramčuka says:

Please tell me where you bought Chrome Pigment ?

HunterZarz says:

Why don’t you try nail stamping?

Maria Guillermina Tabarez says:

when i put the top coat on the mirror effect gose away :- what shold i do

Tanya Zaychenko says:

очень красиво.

Madeline Bondi says:

I love all of your videos <3 been watching for years. I love when you say "stay tuned"

Erin Maurer says:

Fab-u-lous. Thank you for the product comparisons. Nicely done.

Brenda K says:

Love it!!

Kellie Westley says:

for your marblein what mixture water and ??? how much?? of each. love the chrom on the marble very pretty.

Elise Danca - Hvazda says:


Maide Gelengec says:

Hey where can I buy chrome powder? And will that work with an ordinary nail polish underneath or do i have to use gel ?

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