Chrome Hearts and Calligraphy Nail Art

Suzie experiments with Chrome and Calligraphy Pen to create an elegant Valentine’s Day Nail Art Design.

Products used in this video:

THE Gel Polish #89

The ShineE Gel No Wipe Top Coat

link in description
Chrome Mirror Nails Pigment Kit

Super Pigmented Acrylic Ink

Calligraphy Pen

CHROME KIT – MARS Collection
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Have Fun!

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zuzanna nocek says:

that is amazing
who thinks its not amazing…

Monica Medina says:

I really would like where u live to go to ur salon to do my nails omg

Michelle Wolak says:

Suzie have you ever thought of using liquid latex or vinyl stencils to do shapes? Or would that even work with gel?

LifeOf Ella says:

Hi guys! I just posted my first youtube video. I don’t know how to get started and get views so I’m doing this..any help is appreciated. If anyone has any free time (I bet you are all binge watching 😉 ) then please watch my video! It would mean so much to me.

Aria Brown says:

Who else is here from her five min mani video

Robin Ann says:

Oooooo! Pretty pretty! Not waiting until February 2018 to try this.

Steph Towse says:

I love the chat between Suzie and the cameraman… so adorable. Love these nails. Love watching your vids… it’s so peaceful

MostlyKatie says:

You could have used nail vinyls!!! It would have been way easier

Brooke Chiasson says:

are you not setting the gel on you brush by holding that light over your nail in the air right there with the brush under it also?????????? @4:15

Norma CalCa says:

por favor donde puedo comprar ese instrumento para los trazos


These nails are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Sarah pauline says:

I do nothing with my nails, literally not a thing but I cannot stop watching your videos.

Anna Havsholm says:

Can u make a video where u put on fake nails ( that isn’t acrylics). Love your videos!❤️

LifeOf Ella says:

If anyone has any time to spare it would mean so much if you would watch my recent video on nail art. It’s my first video and any helpful tips would be appreciated. If anyone is generous enough to subscribe it would mean the world to me.

maria mcgrogan says:

Beautiful nails xx

Jenna Aislinn Collins says:

can you cure gel nails too long? I’ve found that curing them for as long as five minutes sometimes they’re still tacky and wet… is it because I’m curing them too much? because you do them for very short intervals and have beautiful results

kpop_pigglet says:

wow i came across your videos because of the autoplay option and i do not regret watching. Im subscribing now beautiful!

Nina Place says:

what does it mean by “no wipe”??? what does it mean by wiping in the first place?

Kerstin Rudolf says:

i am a big Fan i love youre work suzie.. greez Form switzerland:-)

Jessica Zimmerman says:

Is the cameraman her husband? Lol

Amanda Custer says:

While watching this video, one of my acrylic nails broke. Lol.

Jenny says:

Love this! A calligraphy set is now on my wishlist! Brilliant!

Jimin's Strawberry Jams says:

So lol I saw the Simply Peel bottle and I remembered something I was planning to ask. Have you and Christine from Simply Nailogical done a collab yet? If you haven’t then I think it would be great if you did

최경복 says:


babyemorabbit2 says:

What primer do you usually use before the acrylic? I ordered a kit on Amazon and it didn’t include a primer or anything to push the cuticles back. I know I can find the soft orange cuticle sticks easy enough, but I am unsure what type of primer I should look for. Love your channel and I hope you can respond. Thanks 🙂

Danni Richardson says:

but why not nail vinyls

Jessica Brennan says:

Hey Suzie! I love love love your videos! I see you’re using a lot of Exclusive Nail Couture product and I’m curious, would you be able to do a video on the different powders? (is there a huge difference?) I want to purchase some powders but I’d really love to know what works for you. P.S. these turned out great! 😀

lumpyBALI says:

@nailcareereducation Where is your little black LED lamp from?

Lakayla Speeks says:

I wonder what camera man looks like

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