Cardi B’s Nail Artist Did Our Nails

“You’re gonna need an assistant to go to the bathroom.”

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Lindsey Gutierrez says:

Her fingers look like burnt hotdogs

Jada Prescott says:

Her voice is annoying she just talk though the whole video

Nonya Bigness says:

2:22 big facts .

Dana sameer Azaz says:


bangtan means bulletproof bITCH says:

lemme guess
the nail artist is vietnamese

Candice Hopkins says:

Did any one else thought it said cardi b dose our nails. Just bc of the thumb nail?

No just me ok then.

nope, not happening. says:

3:53 – *_its meme time_*
*_me when i finally get some food_*

Yerany Serrato says:

Why is this recommended for me??

Xxxjaeff Gulera says:

How does cardi wash her butt?

0mari Douglas says:

white shirt haliriousssssss

Bill Cosby says:

No offense but the nails look like hunter nails from l4d2

dumb Fries says:

Take a shot every time someone says bling.

Lakica Cvijic says:

Awkward moment 0:00-6:19

lol dei wtf says:

*impulsively yells OKURRT*

Nhi Nguyem says:

How the f can they pick their nose with those nails ?

FRG YT says:

Of course she’s Vietnamese

Jadryl Veloria says:

Ling Ling like some bling bling

Hi, give me a handshake. says:


Tesi Myra says:

Wow I need to go to her

Omfg Violet says:

Can she pls moisturize her hanndsss

h .chen says:

girl moisturize them damn hands

reem noor says:

Who hear the roblox sound death in 5:35

DW DW says:

I like Cardi, but let’s be honest “OKKKURT” started on the RuPauls show and then the Kardashian’s started using it.

Ruhama Mengesha says:

My mom saw this on yt and thought her nails were infected

Cream Whiz says:

Aren’t those nails considered weapons they can legit stab u

Kayxle 1 says:

ur fingers looks like it got cooked

Theslimeyslime 101 says:

Can we talk about Cardi B’s thumb… (0:15)

l e i a v e l e z says:

*danggg jenny sound like that girl who goes Do YoU liKe CriTtLe gEL?!*

Alexandra Mei says:

Dang you could do some serious damage to someone else with those nails

92 Aldana says:

Her fingers look nasty lol.

lindsey Chavez says:


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