Batman Nail Art Tutorial – DC Comics – Hand Painted – Unedited Version – Step By Step Guide

In this video we revist some of Kirsty’s older art work. A number of people have stated that they would like to see Kirsty doing art work without it being sped up. Nail Art takle a long time, especially when it is a detailed as the work Kirsty does, so most of the time, we just speed it up as showing every brush stroke would mean having hours long videos.

We have listened to you guys and have decided to test out this series and give it the showing it deserves.

If you remember we did a DC video and a Marvel video, well this time we are going to do a video on each character individually. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man.
You will get to see an slightly less edited version of Kirsty painting these nails, and probably hear a lot more of what happens in the room while we film. sometimes it’s very funny.

In this video we show The Background being created and also being given a Holo look. and then Batman.




Superhero Nail Battle – Part 1 – DC Comics –

Superhero Nail Art Battle 2 – Marvel –

Suicide Squad Nails – Part 1 – Harley Quinn –

Suicide Squad Nails 2 – The Joker –

Banksy Inspired Nail Designs –

🏪🏪🏪🏪 – Products Used in This Video – 🏪🏪🏪🏪

Clear Acrylic Powder –
Bayside Kiss – Urban Graffiti Gel Polish 15ml -
Polycolor Acrylic Paint Collection –
Holographic Pigment Chrome Powder –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Gel Residue Remover 120ml –
Dotting Tool
Pinching Tool
180/180 Grit Nail File
Pure Acetone
Lint Free Wipe
Cuticle Oil


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Ashley Hickmann says:

I’d give anything to have all of those supplies!

Teena Hawkins says:

Hi Kirsty, I posted a couple of questions on your nail & lip video, i think it was that one. If you have a chance could you please answer it?

Llovesmakeup21 says:

Do marvel

Michelle Sandquist says:

your awesome

darin ak says:

You are so talented

Sweet Emily says:

Good channel I wish you great success in the development and everything you could wish all the best for our like # 301

Suz says:

Beautifully done Kirsty 🙂 Can you please answer my Q regarding Twitter? x

Chantelle Louise says:

Stunning as always x

dasclone says:

a cowl is usually something that covers the head, neck and shoulders. sometimes the face as well. 🙂 a mask would just cover the face.

Henna Savolainen says:

Amazing ä

MagnumTahneeLeaOpus Phillips says:

Kristy Meakin where is your naio nails shop at

mellissa millross says:

hey , I have two children also little girls .. they absolutely love disney. disney nails would look great. wondered if maybe disney nails may be on the agender? x

melbeautynails says:

love what brush r u using

RedHoodHD says:

What brand of acrylic do you use for your clients’ nails?

Miriam Schoon says:

Oh yes, please do a Star Wars set! 😀

SimplyFaces byAJ says:

Brilliant love all the detail xxxx

Sarah Ejaria says:

awesome how do you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my name is unicorn n' a half says:

notification squad

Ke-rung Suen says:

I can’t thank you enough with my limited words I’ve learned, really thank you for doing this.
Now I see how is going exactly while the washing color, that is fantastic technique for nail painting!! I’m so speechless with Kristy’s skills, she paints without any miss, oh my goodness this version shows more how talented and skilled she is, feels like give her brushes and paint then she can do everything, she’s definitely my idol and who I wanna be.

Kat Johnson says:

Love it!!!

Kellie Westley says:

loved the batman

Chanelle Edwards says:

Amazing work as always! what paint do you use?

Seren Callaghan says:


Pammy Lara says:

the theme song of Batman was so cute

vicki0145 says:

fab – U – lus…………………………

Mary Udomah says:

I thought you said “Muggles”, Not “Bubbles”. Got excited for a moment.

Sangeetha Anand says:

So talented.

Topzen Esthétique Ongles et beauté says:

Wouah !

Teena Hawkins says:

That looked great, I had de’ ja’ vu’ while watching, did you post this before? Lol

Seren Callaghan says:

Do a food series

Pretty Pixy says:

Do you keep your right thumb nail unadorned so you can hold your brushes better, or did it break 🙁 Just wanted to know as i noticed in all the videos that one is plain.

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