Alice In Wonderland – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art – Part 2

In this series of videos, Kirsty shows how to create a mixed media boxed nail art piece based on Alice in Wonderland. This style of work is often seen in competitions and demonstrates a wide range of skills.

For this you will need:
Extra Long Tips
Gel Residue Remover
Lint Free Wipe
Polycolor Paint
Nail Art Brushes
Grape Expectations
Bambino – Coming Soon
Barbie Girl – Coming Soon
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel






Anthony Ceballos says:

i LOVE that she said “what you sketch isn’t gospel, it’s guide.” The word lover in me is dying! What a fantastic phrase that i probably would never have heard without this video. She is amazing. Naio, don’t lose her!

Cindy Joy says:

Fantastic work! I love this!!

Heather Stacey says:


Arianna Hernandez says:

Is there gonna be a part 3 ???

Gemma Peters says:

Where’s stage 3? 🙁

Susanne St says:

Wow I wish I could paint like this!! It’s amazing !!

Jemma Bailey says:

Can’t wait for the 3rd!!!

floxy says:

when part 3 ?

Faye Hadfield says:

Wonderful! Waiting for more! X

carol loftus says:

Where’s video part 3 can’t find it

Mary B says:

Im itching to see the final results <3 <3 <3 Truly enjoy watching you.

amber greer says:

I love your rough sketch of the characters of alice in wonderland. Could you draw me the characters from alice in wonderland, and email or mail it to me?

2angelmommy says:

Ok, that’s just mean making us wait for part 3, lol. I’m dying to see the finished product.

Caitlin demings says:

You are so good at drawing !!!!

Karyn Nash Collins says:

I can’t even draw a straight line!!!! lolol I guess for someone like me, I could use transfer paper to trace image and transfer design onto the nails. You’re soooooo talented, a great artist, LOVE this!!!!

twinslotaddicts says:

I can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING I think you are!!! My mother is an artist and my daughter also got it from her. I understand how much work goes into it and it’s quite obvious you’re u absolutely LOVE what you do!! Your enthusiasm is contagious and wonderful.

Rwan Ginver says:


prettypaula23 says:

Already looks awesome!

Anita Canada says:

Iam waiting on part 3 already saw this and liked it

wwaxwork says:

I paint miniature figures & the fact you said that you can wipe the mistakes off with water is really making me wonder if I could use the UV gel top coat to seal areas I’ve finished. There is a tradition of using normal sealers but they take so long to dry, the idea of it being dry in 2 minutes so I can keep on painting sounds wonderful. I may have to make some purchases & experiment. May give your blending technique a go too, though the minis are much smaller than the nails you’re painting could be a fun effect for clothing. Really enjoying this series & getting lots of inspiration, even if it’s not for nails 🙂

Shavahn DeWaters says:

I love love this series but I’m bummed you didn’t do one or the other Alice, you mixed it :/ oh well still pretty freaking amazing!!!

Rwan Ginver says:


Lina Nilsson says:

were is part 3?

StellaWang says:

It’s beautiful! When is part three coming?

Voodoo Nails says:

part 3? how unique this video is, love it, great work kirsty not as tho u need my approval lol but ur an amazing artist! uniwue work unique style unique personality! i wish i lived closer to where you do classes tho id love to learn some of youre techniques n i think id learn alot!!!

Keen4Nails says:

stunning can’t wait for next part your amazing

Kiara De Rosa says:

you are incredible…

CuriosityRocks says:

If this was a traditional artwork on paper/canvas how would you seal in the background?

Haute Polished says:

When do we get a part 3?!?! Amazing work so far xo

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