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Abstract nail art and easy nail designs for beginners – in super easy step by step tutorial, to get that perfect manicure at home!

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❥ Nail art brush (highly recommended) – http://goo.gl/2Fjdrx
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You can also use 000 size regular art brush.
You can use regular poster colors too.


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Harini Govindaraman says:

hey awesome

Bery MakeUP says:

Love this 🙂

Bhagyasree shetty says:

I tried and it awesome diii keep doing

Richika Kejriwal says:

Plz suggest a good herbal/natural night cream for oily skin! Please! Thanks!

Maira Baloch says:

thanks prachi …I like that easy design I will try it ..

Alka Lehal says:

nyc one

Muskan agarwal says:

awsm vedio

Ankita Nath says:

ar e someone tell her that its her marriage.. and look at her she is doing nailarts… vagwan!!!

sreelakshmi u nambiar says:


Nishita Patil says:

prachi u are my sweetheart love u :*

neeru uppal says:

very beautiful nail art superwowstyle I love it by Yashika

Ask Laftan Anlamaz says:

cool n creative Xoxo dulaniya

yes makabarbie video says:

OMG you replied

Alexia S.A. says:

this is volpinas style…no one nows what I am talking about? ok knows

Gurneet Kaur says:

i also coment your vid plz comment and c mine

Tanu Khare says:

pretty nails…

athreya daw says:

Wat base coat u use

Nashi Tutorials - Nail Art and DIY says:

Cute and easy!

molly rodrigues says:

Good in art Prachi keep it up 🙂 And plz make a video on lipsticks shades plz

Rachana P says:

love the design, cool idea

Fairuz Parisa says:

thanks di l will try it today. please do a video on pimples plzzzzz

chandra says:


Vidhya Saroj says:

can u suggest me how to loose weight

its all about girls!! !! says:

ohh….my goodness it’s really beautiful…!!!

Raquel Bates says:


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