30 Times People Failed At Nail Art COMPILATION

Hilarious pictures of before and after Pinterest DIY Nail Art FAILS. Which style will you attempt for yourself?
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Terry Browning says:

Why why why do you add the text??????? Stop it.

Awesome Dayzee fam says:

6:41 is so easy I did it

Eric Koonce says:

Talko do think you were a little harsh to the nail artists sure those nails are not exactly anywhere near perfection but for The love of Irean (aphmau minecraft God) be a little nicer and thank you to the people who listened to my rant

Flurry Knight says:


Angela C says:

This is so dumb! Most of the attempts are clearly children, while the crazy ones are nail art shows…

Colorless says:

cristine can fix it

Kira cobb says:

I think the guy painting the girls toenails is me cause that shade of polish is an opi polish and my ex painted my toenails with that color and I posted it on fb laughing but I’m not sure I just think it’s a cool coincidence

IWatchWeirdVideos says:

So catty *scratches with ugly nails*

Rocky Horror says:

4:45 FRANK!

Hannah Amig says:

u said 30 times. u gave us 10.

Chrys Finlayson says:

Couldn’t like my nails don’t have skin C;

Vasilissa Daratronoffski says:

i love gudetama, but thats over board

theresa powell says:

those nails are dusckusting

Lucia lorincz says:


Jenna Wilson says:

Wow at least people tried

diy network says:

(loves vid) (subscribes) (goes to get a snapple) (ewwws at bubbled)

Sophie Adelia says:

1:52 that was Gabbie from buzzfeed

Classy Undercut // Electra says:

Atleast they tried to do their nails

LPS Cookies311TM says:

How about we just stop trying to make something like our nails look good and make something else like your face look good.

Nohora Cecilia Gil Luna says:

buenas tardes yo quisiera saber si venden este efecto de esmaltes, cuanto vale y si lo envían a Colombia y trae alguna guía para saber cómo se hace

Freaky Animations says:

At least they tried you do have to say XD

Vindigo Black says:

Uhm.. it’s called nail tape. You stick it on to make lines?

Britbrat 5163 says:

who else got hype when they saw Hilda and Zelda

lavonna woolstenhulme says:

i want to see your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh gawd who cares, paint what you want on your nails.

Katelyn Martin says:

who else thinks that the bird/mustache thing was actually a blue pokemon ball?

jillian woods says:

2:31 no not me i’m abadextrieal

Viola Lockhart says:

the mustaches were a good attempt just the white background needed to look better

lindsay tighe says:

I SIMPLY *LOVE* TheTalko <3 You're vids give me life ~ * ~ 🙂

쥬디애벗 says:

완전 실패다

Sydney Sartain says:


Old Yeller says:

My God, some of those designs were just amazing!!
I collect Nail Polish.
I have over 100 Colors, but I never wear Nail Polish.
I kind of always want to, but my work, Landscaping, and working with Tools, makes it completely impractical.
I guess it’s kind of like buying a Beautiful Dress, with no where to go.

Kris R says:

Dear Jesus!!! If I didn’t KNOW I’d never posted the picture online, I’d swear the stars and stripes one at the beginning was me on the 4th of July a few years ago…

Kayleigh Amon says:

omg at lease they tried

Meяci says:

7:22 did they just- im shoOk

LaKeshia Jones says:

That girl was supposed to put tape around her fingers DUA

IWatchWeirdVideos says:

I actually found that painting my nails just one solid color ended up messy for me. I don’t paint my nails often at all. I appreciate the art of it.

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