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Hi Everyone! I hope you’ll find a new polish or product to try and I’d love it if you’d let me know what your fav polishes and products were. All THINGIES are linked down below!

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💜 Products used 💜

Products marked with ( * ) were provided for consideration.
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✅ Orly Summer Sunset – http://bit.ly/OrlyPCH * ^ code TWISTAR for 15% off
✅ Orly Celebrity Spotting – http://bit.ly/2jhwJPg * ^ code TWISTAR for 15% off
✅ Orly Scenic Route – http://bit.ly/OrlyPCH * ^ code TWISTAR for 15% off
✅ China Glaze Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish – http://bit.ly/CGSeasAndGreatings * ^
(Over China Glaze Jagged Little Teal & OPI Alpine Snow) code TWISTAR for 15% off
✅ Orly Put The Top Down – http://bit.ly/OrlyPCH * ^ code TWISTAR for 15% off
✅ Different Dimension Unicorn – http://bit.ly/2i79n16
✅ China Glaze Snow Way – http://bit.ly/CGSeasAndGreatings * ^ code TWISTAR for 15% off
(Over OPI Alpine Snow)


✅ Superchic Deadpool – http://bit.ly/2d5A2e5 * ^ code TWISTAR for 10% off!
✅ China Glaze Combat Blue-TS – http://bit.ly/2cvaUeF * ^ code TWISTAR for 15% off
✅ China Glaze Heroine Chic – http://bit.ly/2cvaUeF * ^ code TWISTAR for 15% off


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💜 Clear Jelly Stamper – http://bit.ly/1UUbQIU TWISTAR for 10% off ^
💜 Bundle Monster – http://bit.ly/1TXY20H ^
💜 Bliss Kiss – http://bit.ly/2iBbgEK ^
💜 HB Beauty Bar – http://bit.ly/21C1kWT ^ TWISTAR for 15% off
💜 TwinkledT – http://bit.ly/1RFxBJH ^ TWISTAR for 10% off
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holographic cheesecake says:

snow way is a polish everyone has to experience in person its magical, I’m not even exaggerating, like go to sally’s beauty supply ,now ,go you must, I think china glaze has a similar  one called peal jammin’ which is equally as satisfying

Myishia Simmons says:

I am soooo mad that I didn’t see this before I placed my different dimension’s order! Unicorn is to die for! Oh well, now I just have another excuse to spend some moarah mule!

vanessa zbrt says:

I’m in Love

BazMel14 says:

My faves for 2016 were Picture Polish Peacock and Unicorn

Tatum Matilda says:

definitely my favorite is Chat Up by Butter London. opaque in one coat, great brush, and the prettiest dark peacock blue in the world. 10/10 recommend.

Sam Hugh says:

Fav product…UNT! No more soaking off my gel mani’s. Question on the stamper…it’s great that the end can come off so you can see better, but does it sort of magnify as well? My clear stampers are closed on the non-stamper end and I’ve been having trouble with placement.

heebegeebe says:

Your accent kills me! I love it so much!

ItsMeKarin99 says:

do you have Orly “Angel Rain”?

MAng0L1amA says:

For number 5 did she say neon green?

Keeley Iero says:

Is China Glaze “Snow Way” the same as OPI “Oh My Majesty”? They certainly look similar! ☺️

It's me GB!!! says:

I hate orly polishes

salihaha14 says:

my favorite nail polish this year was “let’s get digital” from sally hansen. it’s suuuper pretty

Maya Gordon says:

Where are you from? Your accent is so interesting

Leiran Zonneveld says:

Purple is my fav color, and even tho i already have multiple shades of purple i keep getting more of them. Now i want all of the purple polishes ive seen here too. I havent gotten any superchic laquers yet but deadpool is the one i want most cuz wow damn such a beautiful dark teal holo!! ♡
My personal faves of 2016 are a cheap ass drugstore iridescent flakie polish, a purple jelly w pink glitter ANNY polish and a brandless clear polish with golden holo stars in it. I also bought a load of nail foils & striping tape this year, havent tried out all the foils, just the transparant non transfer ones cuz i havent got any foil glue. I love the iridescent look they give ♡ ive also got a holo powder, the glitters are larger than the powder you used but i love larger glitter pieces alot

ItsMeKarin99 says:

Femme Fatale “Floral Rain” – It’s so incredibly complex. I did a video of my top 16 of 2016 and it was my number 1.

Karen Gant says:

Great vid Angel!

Jennifer White says:

Can’t wait for your next tutorial with your plate! my husband got me your plate for Christmas and I can’t wait to use it. My daughter is a mermaid freak too and we are going to disney in march and I’m going to do her nails for the trip.

Trines Nails says:

opi don’t talk bach to me, it’s a green with green shimmer for some reason and of course fun lacquer;))

Stacy Perrin says:

I loved the orly summer collection so much! probably favorite collection of the year 🙂

Jessica Scott says:

Blessing by Fun Lacquer (ooooh color shifty polish!) and Femme Fatale’s End Of The Storm Nail Polish (thermal polish from a nude to a gorgeous purple) are my absolute favorites this year!

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