10 Times People Failed At Nail Art

From Bubble nails to rainbow swirls, here are the 10 biggest nail art fails ever. Lol! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Nail art fails can be totally hilarious. After all, when there’s a nail art expectation and reality comparison, you can’t help but notice the glaring mistakes. There are so many beautiful examples of stunning nail art on Pinterest and Instagram that it can inspire many an amateur to have a go themselves. But like so many things that we try ourselves, DIY nail art is not easy. Sure, the pros make it look simple, especially when they share nail art tutorials, but the result can all too often be a nail art epic fail of huge proportions. Just like these 10 beauties we’ve found.

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Jessica Tucker says:

The ” Awsome” ones were fake nails

Little Legs The Corgi says:

Can people not try… I mean they probably did better then you did besides who are you to just judge them and choose the colours they should have choosen

Gummy Unicorn says:

Lots of these are pretty decent :/ Lots of them I do waaaay worse

Box Fish says:

Your voice is unreal. in a good way, I feel like you’re a cartoon character

Monkey Bubbles says:

Why do you guys keep pointing out the polish that’s on the skin??? Ever heard of polish remover and a Qtip? Most likely you chose a picture of their nails b4 they were done just so you could poke fun at it. Smh

Chloeismycat AndCats says:

I HATE the bubbles one! It’s so grose!

Maya McNeil says:

The way she judges other people for making mistakes isn’t really making me want to subscribe or watch ANY more of your videos, fantastic job :/

Julia's Comfy Corner says:

1:50 that’s the gabbie show.

Deon Flowers says:


Renata Noemi Figueroa says:


Hannah Bergenholtz says:


Cat Lady says:

I didn’t really find this video to be nice because she was basically putting people down and saying if you can’t do something just give up when the people in the video if they like their nails like that if they had a little bit of a struggle you don’t point that out or you don’t give them crap for it because those people are clearly trying a new exposing them like that was just horrible

Boston_Mama84 says:

bubble nails was nasty haha

Olga Martinez says:


Keke James says:

so weird

Chloe Streng says:

I am sorry but the galaxy nails were done for a social experiment and that face in the background is Gabby from the Gabby show

Madeleine Angelika Caputo says:

pay a professional… most people can’t afford to get their nails done all the time . durrr

deskn0wsbest says:


A says:

wow this really does not make me want to watch any more of your videos
that is just
not a nice voice and the snarky comments aren’t doing any better

Ayushma Pun says:

What do you mean? When your water marbling how can you get it EXACTLY on your nail when you dip your whole finger? Stop being rude just leave it at least they tried. I’m a huge fan btw but that was not really kind.

Lauralee Whitley says:

The galaxy fail was done by the gabble show

Nail world says:


Chehak Nijjar says:

The bubble

Robbietta Honor says:

i love it

Castiel The Waffle says:

My opinion on this video.

Whoever wrote the script is a judgmental piece of shit and a douchebag.

Last time I got my nails done professionally they peeled in two days, so no thanks. I’d rather spend two bucks on a bottle of nail polish and have a few fails before I get it “perfect” than spend twenty bucks on something that peels off in less than a week.

Like sorry the world isn’t to your standard of perfection.

And when it comes to water marble, everyone gets it on their skin. Watch a video about it. (Tip, cover the skin around your nails in chapstick. It peels off better so you don’t muck up your design)

Justine H says:

pretty sure the american flag “fail” one was on purpose and for fun. and for the galaxy one, you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. you just need a few types of brushes to do this, nothing fancy. anyway i hate that “only a pro can do this” attitude.

Hahaha Muahahha says:

Wonderful video!!

Kabrina says:

when you do water marbling put some tape around your nail so it wont go on your skin, when you put the pattern on the nail peel off the tape then bam you got yourself some clean skin and a good design.

Mariana Gamboa says:

What a mean video!!! I think everyone failed at least once in something and this werent fails at all, most of them were decent! You dont need to be an artist to make a decent desing on your nails, this video makes me want to un-subscribe 🙁

Chloe Streng says:

Just to be fair with all of you…It’s not the Talko’s fault, the people who made those “Ugly Manicures” are the ones who put it up on the internet.The Talko took their picture from somewhere and put it in their video.WICH ALSO MEANS THAT THEY ARE CYBERBULLYING. And I am very serious about that, No Joke ! They are literally blackmailing people who attempt at doing their best.Hey The Talko, if you see this, don’t be surprised if your channel gets deleted because of ALOT OF YOUR VIDEOS! If you agree with me please leave a comment

Angel Smith says:

I like it

allysa samlal says:

the red looks like purple

Joshua Duran says:

the one with the galaxy did a nice job she did not fail in my opinion

Masky The proxie says:


Iliana Munoz says:

They need simply peel like no big deal
(Any one for simplynailogical

Katie Crutchfield says:

You’re a complete asshole

Levi Hatten says:

some of those she told the complicated way

Enjoy While It Lasts Amayzing says:

who came because of the front cover

Sprinklecat212 says:

Wut is pus

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