10 Times People Failed At Nail Art pt. 2

NAILED IT! 10 Most hilarious nail art fail we found on the Internet. Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Nail art is the biggest craze to hit the beauty industry. There are so many DIY nail art tutorials that can be found around the Internet; and with a little bit of patience, a steady hand, and an eye for design, you can recreate these looks right in the comfort of your own home. But sometimes, tackling nail art can prove to be a bit challenging.

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Sunset Bow says:

You obviously can’t do better.

Miranda Rojo says:


Kummer Kiste says:

Waiit 3:30? ANIME???

Dog lover 101 says:

Obviously this narrater lady never tried nail art herself

Bee R. says:

Slowly, I’m getting the hang of nail art. Dotting is pretty easy with dotting tools and fresh polish. Nail vinyls, now that I have a dang good quick dry top coat, vinyls should be easier. SH Double Duty just is NOT good when you plan on doing nail art. Takes tooooo long to dry.

Error says:

Wow!! You don’t just go around criticising people, everyone makes mistakes!!

James Dickie says:

You put the same thing in every nail video you do

Bluey says:

ITS NOT A FAIL its only for pro’s at nail art

Saron LuvRoseGold says:

1:40 was fine dont make a big deal out of it

FMX LIFE says:

why do you talk crap about other peoples nails not everyone is perfect at doing nails

Ariana Morales says:

actually I was born to be a nail artist people pay me to do there nails

Crimea ball says:

Wanna watch a video of a host continuously saying “disaster” in every diy nail fail?

Mia P says:

It’s not called tie dye nails they’re called water marble and water marble should be left to the Russians anyway

Sparkle kitty101 says:

Omg I love the talko! Best channel EVER!!

Sebastian Andrei Serban Nastase says:

at 1:42 i vomit in my mouth

Ɩơ۷ɛ, ƈƖąıཞɛ says:

The puzzle was so pretty not a fail!

fashion baby girl says:

yes I failed …. I hate nail polish …. I don’t wear them anymore

Aaliyah Nelson says:

they are so mean

Ceca Siahaan says:

2:53 *DABBED*

Imelda Aragon says:

I have done failed nail art alot

mysterious girl says:

dont judje anyone their just begginers

Jennifer Cummins says:

I have never failed at doing a lot because I only didn’t want color I never did it this time I would probably do a design for me on my nail but I would never mind what it really do like a design no man but you help me if I want to nail styles really pretty I don’t know how they do that nails

Olivia Greensmith says:

half of these aren’t even that bad

Big girls never cry says:

Litle bit patience? Hahahahaha, A LOT OF PATIENCE!!

Basic Person. says:

The reasons they fail is because the people don’t have any nail (because of nail chewing)

Falisha Arts says:

dans.crotch true holosexual for life yaaaaaaaaaasssss!!!!!!

ArtAngel Girl says:

the puzzle peices were not that bad….

Drinkable Glitter Glue says:

Nail art? More like fail art!
I can’t go home, I’m already in my house.


you should do a most cringey musilys video

Parodeena Quintana says:

yes I fail at nail art all the time so I gust do one color

Yazmin Poynter says:


Dakota Oakley says:

nail art is usually easier with long nails

Just a box of strings says:

and this is why I don’t paint my nails

Ɩơ۷ɛ, ƈƖąıཞɛ says:

The puzzle was so pretty not a fail!

Melo Beano says:

What makes me cringe? Short nails
What all these nail fails have? Short nails

Short nails + complicated design = not enough space on short nail for big design

Kitties4ever says:

never ever

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