10 Times People Failed At NAIL ART (3/3)

10 Biggest nail arts fails.Ever. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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These days, all it takes is a little bit of searching on the Internet or some browsing through Pinterest to receive some nail inspiration. There are thousands of DIY nail tutorials that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to take your nails from bland to dazzling, but things don’t always go as planned. Mistakes are bound to happen – especially if you’re not a pro. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up on your desire to sport some flashy nail art. If you want to make your application flawless, learn from those who failed at bringing their nail art inspiration to life.

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Mika Konig says:

surgery Does anybody recognize bigger this case ?

500k subscribers with nø videos challenge says:

there looking at me

Madeleine Langley says:

Did anyone notice at the beginning when the gif of the hand doing hand symbols it mean to stop at the thumbs up sign but actually showed the thumbs down? That’s why people did a thumbs down on this video!

Emily Grace says:

Guess this lady doesn’t know about nail swatching… not all people wear all nail art all day, so they aren’t all impractical

Destiny Eileen says:

eggs on nails eww gross but the egg looks cute

Apples and Cimonin says:

tf is up with you? those half those nails are amazing! and I bet the creators behind them are proud if their creatation! they took time and money to make a piece of art on such a small space. And, you could use some common sense they obviously aren’t for everyday use.

Liker Lover says:

the pocket knife nails are amazing

Sy Gracie DIYS & More says:

The thumbnail was really good, cute and pretty

ghost.tunes says:

this channel is mean

StupidCrazy StuffVlogs says:

late squad where u at??

breanna world says:

you are mean !!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandpa Afro says:

It’s pretty mean to say that they all failed sure they are messy but at least they tried why you guys always gotta be so judgemental when it comes to nail art?

Idk wut to put here. says:

Haven’t you made like 3 of these?

Veranica Daily says:

Omg they tryed there best they like it

Kakashi_ Lover141 says:

I could do better than the fails and Im still in elementary school

Katy Pulido says:


Phanic! At The CryBaby Discø l-/ says:

How are these “fails” most of them are pretty cool and the ones that are messy were probably painted by beginners. Jeez at least they tried you don’t need to roast them

Hailee-Renee DeJesus says:

Gudetama was not a fail, uou can’t just judge someone because ‘YOU’ think that eggs should be eaten, but they can be worn too -_- I hate your channel now -_-

Snow 'N Stuff says:

I’ve never painted my nails myself ( my friend does it, I wash it right off >:3 ) , so I bet I would do worse.

Sprinklecat212 says:

Omg dis looks hard

Kennedi Hunter says:

Did she cut out 5 dollar bill for a nail..??

Blossom 6741 says:

Why do you keep saying “She”

Emma Robinson says:

Da money one

Anastasia Norton says:

I love that clip of Adam ❤️

Anna Cooper says:

who are they to say what is right or wrong I bet  the girl on the voiceover had bad nail art to some of the pictures are little girls and they tried so I’m done with this channel and the talko is a stupid

Sasha the shark reynolds says:

When you said “gutetama” I was like what would be so bad?

-sees the nail art- OH MY GOAT LORD SAVE ME!

Destiny Eileen says:

care bear nails lol

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