ZENDAYA Edgy Double Cut-Crease Makeup Tutorial

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Zendaya is a glowing star in the makeup community: from neutrals to sexy red lips and edgy bright eyeshadows, she ROCKS it all! Today I’m creating this look inspired by her double cut crease blue and purple makeup look with glossy nude lips, and beautiful glowy skin! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

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Nicole Stone says:

What’s the song at 6:04?

Abbys Official says:

And two million more❣

Hawa M Kamara says:

Morphie Brushes = most used brushes

Kiara Joelle says:

Has anyone tried redoing this with the nocturnal box from ud?

Annie has a lastname says:

Woah you grew by 2 million within 6 months??

Damita Davis says:

My favorite Colors
Your eyes look like butterfly wing <3 So Beautiful
and I have Unofficially Diagnosed OCD so I can tell one is higher than the other ^_^
But you still Look amazing

M&M fan Forever says:

How do we remove the black in the lower line…cabt wash it off and i dont want any makeup remover inside my eye….. heeeeeelp fast, cant go out like this. Mom is going to get heart attack!!!

earth calling formes says:

very pretty I like my makeup poping to thumbs up just found you im only new your welcome over to mine we all have to start somewere u deservè it and congratulations

kelsie clifford says:

I will sell my soul if my prom make-up looks half this good.

Lotte Roosa says:

Where did you get the Moonchild glow kit? I live in the netherlands too and I desperately want it

no name says:

This moment if you have a big parlet with milion colours and you don’t find the right one and mix two or three together:D

Riri boo says:


Janine McCaskill says:

What do you call Daya when she’s meditating?


jiminspark says:

Is nobody going to talk about how lovely her eyes are?

Stephanie R Kiss says:

First of all, she is glowing to god, second, I always noticed that she uses the bottom of her Beauty Blender instead of the top. Did anyone else notice that, or just me????????

Ava Read says:

Is anyone watching this in 2017

Nae Allis says:

wow i love you too.

Bambii says:

Sorry Nikki but it’s a no from me…

rosie roberts says:

What is your loose powder you use? X

Kyle Graeme says:

Omg she looked like zendaya at the end tho

CamBurger Y says:

Can you do a Lady GaGa inspired look?

Faxo Kasimov says:

dammmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn that highlight

Makenzie Olvera says:

I laughed for like 5 minutes strait because of the zendaya thing

Maria D says:

This make up looks better on you gurlllll

Jocelynn Kowalski says:

can you see stuff in her eye at 7:50

Light Yagami says:

Honestly she’s like the most beautiful person I ever seen. There are very few YouTubers that have a fun, amazing personality. And on top of that her videos are well organized and different from everyone else. She needs more subscribers.

Maria E. says:

this video keeps stopping and making strip color lines !! so is that Her Highlighter. her own creation?

Adeline Jean says:

My fav brush is on sale!! I purchased my own long ago and it is worth a lot
–> https://getpocket.com/s/MHtqN
I personally do believe that brush have a big impact with the makeup result. The perfect brush will help us to attain our flawless look. I am happy that I finally discovered my dream brush set due to the fact that its actually fantastic and economical too. I recommend it to you guys too.

İkbal Akyel says:

ruj çok güzel

Faxo Kasimov says:

hers looks better than zendyas

Elina says:

Hi Nikkie! I would really love an updated skincare routine video with you! I think you have gotten really amazing skin lately! I have followed you a long long time and I know you have had some minour breakouts every now and then (just like us others) but not that much lately and your skin just looks so glowy and healthy. I would like to hear what have worked for you! 🙂

Thank you for staying you, you’re an amazing inspiration with so much positivity. Thank you for sharing your videos and talent with us. Stay fab! Love you! 🙂

Laina Raina says:

When the concealer color IS your foundation color. #PalePeopleProblems

GoldGirl 301 says:

Your sooooo pretty.I like all your videos, I love them! And that highlight! OMG it’s soooo nice

Nevada White says:


Lilister says:

I love just the blue eye shadow!!

Heartland Dreams says:

+NikkieTutorials Have checked out the website Glambot.com? P.S. your makeup is always on point!

jiminspark says:

deym eyeshadow more colorful than my life

Sharia Yeaqub says:

my favorite part is from 9:23 to 9:29

Chloe101 Browne says:

That is what my Dad saids

Faith Brown says:

you’re adorable

Jessica Lietz says:

I love this look on you!!!

Maria Morfou says:

Love her earings

Mary-Elizabeth Robinson says:

I love you. You’re such a dope mua & have a great personality that’s why I love watching your channel. You rock

Samaira Khan says:

Who wore it better?
Zendaya or Nikki
I love them both but comment !

Mackenzie Brisbin says:

when she started singing hey now

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