ZaidAliT – Makeup tutorial videos be like..

Makeup tutorial videos be like..


Legend killer 32834 says:

I am an Indian
and I love u man ur doing a great job
ashish chanchlani and zaid u are the best viners ever

Abir Singh says:

Outro sing

Afzal aex says:

Concept copied from ashishchanchlanivines

Reba Hasan says:

BTW baby powder causes cancer

Malaika Butt says:

Zaid why don’t you doing vlogs Dude??
it’s harder to wait..

Hooriya Zahra says:

Zaid ali i am posting videos soon pls subscribe me

NazaRal says:

Man this video needed to go viral

i am Pakistani says:

i like you

Dimitri Kvariani says:

can who linked me final music ???

Kälśśööm Ąbdųllàh says:


Amlin Joy says:

Oh my..

FunnyGuy10009 says:

This dude has too much fun dressing up as a girl.

zist kalim says:

XD XD XD best make-up tutorial video!!!! amazing
it is damn creative i must say…u have come back with the BANG!!!!

QuailBirdLover SincerelyAntila says:

Why do I relate so hard to your videos?! I find makeup like this…

Abdul Rehman says:

whats the song he uses in the end

Reshma Mulani says:

song ka link do last wala

Mo Mahajan says:

simple but funny videos

Wahida Jannat says:

Zaid can I have your email address, please? I need to send you a very important email.

AGX2001 11 says:

0:45 baby powder fell away

nikita malhotra says:

wow Zaid watta idea

Sajida Parveen says:

Waiting for zaid to post a video on YouTube be like…

TheZombieFan says:

Watch this hilarious 1 minute video

Amrut Soni says:



ha ha this is so damn hilarious, 223 dislikes are from the MAKE UP TUTORIAL CHANNELS!! ha ha

SQueen_786 Princess Safa says:

250lb of atta on your face lol

Uxman HaIder says:

you rocks

Anila Rizvi says:

Please make new videos

Heclay Materan says:

jajajjaka muy bueno

Sukaina Wadiwalla says:

Hilarious! :p

Rashi Kaur says:

i luv zaid soo much…

Shiza Khan says:

thumbs up!!

aisha Sheikh says:


Momin Ansara says:

Zaid Ali,where r uuuuuu ? we r waiting for ur new videos….

Desi Kids says:

Watch my videos

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