Watch Model Jasmine Sanders’s Golden Barbie Beauty Tutorial | Vogue

Model Jasmine Sanders, aka Golden Barbie, is rarely caught without a flawless application of makeup. Watch as she demonstrates her makeup routine of a handful of tiny tweaks—a dash of contour powder to lift her nose “the tiniest bit,” an intricate web of lip liner to make her mouth appear “a little fuller,” a glimmering setting spray for “a nice little dewy shine” for the beach and beyond. Because, as Sanders knows, a little goes a long way.

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Watch Model Jasmine Sanders’s Golden Barbie Beauty Tutorial | Vogue

Featuring: Jasmine Sanders


truthwillrule X says:

she already had makeup.

Samantha Blaisdell says:

No one looks that perfect right after they take a shower

Julia Rogalka says:

what is her lipliner?

MiraculousMelanieSuperYuri Trash says:

73 questions with Melissa Boniost!

Seemarsrun says:

how can anyone be so gorgeous?!

katy o says:

anyone know what brow gel she was using?

Colette Maunier says:

What’s the name of the MAC spray she used?

saninar says:

beauty tip: be naturally beautiful.

Isabella Olver says:


Leila says:

She has the prettiest eyes

ELISA says:

why does she sound like nikkie ???

peach says:

why she wearing makeup at the beach??? you gon get wet anyway

Mikhaela Marie says:

what lipliner is that????!

Valeria P says:

does anybody know what mascara is?

lily ferguson says:

I need to see a cars delevinge one of these

Angel Bailey says:

to much brow

Simran Rodh says:

Fricking hell she is beautiful

E Queen90s says:

I like her simple makeup

Cekilia jacobs says:

i love this routine

Melone Clelia says:

what’s the lipgloss she uses to make the lipliner matte ? pls someone

Danielle Clark says:

The mot beautiful woman ever

Aku Barbie says:

anybody know what the contour product she used ?

Kristen Nichols says:

Such a gorgeous look!

Clarisa Medina says:

she is literally gorgeous and her skin is flawless!!!!!

A r t . e m i s says:

Am I the only one here from Catfish

Melissa Jeet says:

Ya the make ups pretty pointless when your using a LIVE FILTER- seriously disappointing

mixshorty222 says:

Lip liner looks like Mac’s “whirl”

Nicole kate odion says:

Whats the brand of the banana powder?

Victoria Janelle says:

Honestly, the quality is so high i can’t even see anything she did. it all looks the same…You should should take the air brush effect off.

A Money says:

Why is everyone talking about her being an Instagram model? First off she’s been in magazines, secondly when I think of your typical Instagram model they’re barely pretty faced girls who cake on makeup and use filters and photoshop and just have nice bodies. Jasmine is fucking stunning, she looks a hell of a lot prettier and NATURAL than Bella Hadid in her vogue makeup tutorial thing

Mina Alagoz says:

she is so beautiful …

Alely Williams says:

73 Questions with Jasmine Sanders please

Nathalia R says:

Watched this vid for the curls… 🙁

Lania Kersey says:

What is he contour she used???

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