Voice Over Make up Tutorial Challenge!

So basically, Lizzie sat down in front of a camera and did her make up, then I did a step by step voice over for it!! Which goes… interestingly. 😐 Thanks for watching! Remember to like and comment 🙂


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Blue Nightcore says:

Lizzie without makeup=Awesome
Lizzie With Makup=Gorgeous

Yanderechan Chan says:

her eyes are red she look pretty without makeup

Lenny Shortt says:

I love youtube

little Kelly adventures says:

Guess what I’m LDshadowladys sister

Jennifer Woods says:

Joel the point is a cat eye

AllThingsCorky says:


Jonathan :D says:

idk how do you like her with no makeup that looked weired soz lizzie

Leona Crosby says:

Lizzie looks so weird with no Makeup!

Nathalie Baez says:

She pretty anyway without her makeup

Laura Oregon says:


Lxi_lly * YT says:

I didn’t know that Joel knew about makeup, most of the boys in the challenges have no clue what makeup the girls are using, BRAVO JOEL!!!!!

Johanna Casimiro says:

U look so pretty without makeup

Neva Hammonds says:

you do not need makeup

Marquis de Lafayette says:

How can someone look so beautiful with and without makeup. Literal goals!

KawaiiChloe 999 says:

Why lizzie has a thick eyebrow,not trying to be rude

Tre'Onna Boone says:

Joel, you have a green head though….

Strawberry Productions says:

LIZZIE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL she dont need NONE make up

Tracey Finlayson says:


Lenny Shortt says:

Did Lizzie lose her voice?

semsi bedir says:

wow so ldshadowladys voise hah

Jyllian Torres says:

I did not think she had that many freckles……

Naomi Ferrier says:

Lizzie needs her eyeliner, thats the thing that makes her look like her x3

SaltyPancakeDog Chan says:

Wow u r so pretty

I’m just a rock of ugliness xD

Yaboi says:

Lizzie looks so beautiful without her make up

Alison Manninen says:

last u are buitefull

samantha burton says:


NightshadeDragon HM says:

I May be a girl but Joel is me with make up only knowing the basics

Арина Руденко says:

lizzie as a mustache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele Britt says:

I go to school I stay home sometimes I like to play at my friends house this is from Peyton and I like your videos and my name is Payton and I am Siri and I always say my mom doesn’t watch videos she was going to because she is 36 OK so I’m six years old and I love your video so so so so so so so so so much I watch them every day mostly every day after school only if I can

Nixiemea says:

She looks beautiful without makeup 2 so y does she put it on

nana gakheladze says:

look at 4:53

Tayla Ninneman says:

she looks beautiful with and without makeup :3

WarriorCat_Fox -Foxes and Warriorcats galore! says:

She looks different without her makeup, in a good way. I like it :3

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