Viral blister infection sfx makeup tutorial

OMG Elli is infected with a seriously distubing viral agent. Please only watch the viral blister infection sfx makeup tutorial if you have proper ventilation and a hazmat suit handy. If you do you will learn how to make really nasty blisters as well as a creepy sick and infected looking skin. The viral blister infection sfx makeup tutorial is also 100% latex free for all of you with allergies.

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Klaudi says:

I know that I’m never gonna use this tutorial but it’s just too fascinating to watch. Great job!

Crystal Thescarredleopard says:

barely a minute in and I’m already uncomfortable

Heybob123 says:

How many languages do u speak??

L.S.F.R CHIEF says:

how that so gross but it looks so REAL!!

USA Angel says:

She should wear no makeup more often! She is rly pretty without it!

xisobelx373 says:

back in the day..I wore red eyeliner and was asked if I was sick all the time..haha

Delith Chan says:

Var har ni fått tag på 99% alkohol i Sverige? 😮

Brooke K. says:

can you do a shout out for me on Instagram?

freax box says:

this works for me best:
2 tablespoons water, 2 tablespoons gelatine powder, 2 teaspoons glycerine a bit of food color. mix it up and then for 7-8 seconds (not longer) in the microwave.

without flour.

let them harden for 2-4 hours (or over night). dont worry, use the rests (or put a bit to side) on the next day as glue by easy warm it up again in the microwave.

Mark Maxwell says:


Vanessa L.O says:

Går det att använda några andra färger än dem där alkohol färgerna eller vad dem nu hette?? Skulle bli väääldigt glad för svar innan halloween. PS jag älskar er kanal den är bäst!!

Shia Prater says:

whoa show realastic

phillinger90 says:

i actually really like the little chart overview at the beginning this helps a lot !

Jack Fishers says:

I’m just thinking how it would look if you made the blisters look like spider eggs and place theme near the jaw and add the arachnophobia makeup.

Jason Thai says:

Make a video about where to buy eye contact lenses because I need them for Halloween!!!
Go ellimacs

Gia Mitchell says:

Hey guys! I was just wondering if anybody know where I could buy that color pallet that was at the beginning of the video??

Blonde Bombshell says:

elliemacs ♡ Make Chernobil infected victim make up… must be great idea 😉

Orex Ong says:

she’s so pretty no matter how she makes herself look awful xD

Taylor Sanders says:

what paints does she use? I know they’re alcohol activated but what brand, etc.

Eyeballs Studio says:

What kind of make-up is the color wheel you’re using?

xisobelx373 says:

impetigo mutation … if you like this tutorial, check out a film called Contracted phase 1

Elizabeth Torres says:

A video for people with glasses, I love your makeup are the best!

Erika Tyler says:

I so wanna do this for Halloween but I tried to make the gelatin mixture and it doesn’t work T.T I tried two different types of gelatin we have but nothing. Any suggestion? Can I use something else instead of gelatin?

AngelSaberNash says:

You guys should do a series of Left 4 Dead Zombies.

xisobelx373 says:

I want a graftobian pallet so bad. but they’re so $!

Alex Rose says:

Okay but this is so so so so so great because I’m allergic to latex and I’ve been looking for a zombie makeup that looks both plague-like and also doesn’t involve liquid latex and I finally found one so thank you!!

Harry Furlong says:

elli u do some amazing stuff

chaosincarna says:

Some blisters that pop would be amazing 😀

Grace Patrick says:

does cloted or runny blood stane your face and close?????

Book Worm says:

I love ur channel!!Do like a zombie version of a princess

Dominique Chiaverini says:

Hey guys, I’ve been having troubles with my gelatin mixtures, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but no matter how hot the mixture is it seems to set as soon as it touches my skin and wont stick to my face. I’m not sure if its a ratio problem or something else. HEEELP ME!!! Also, love this channel, some of the best makeup on Youtube!!! Love both of you Elli and Macs 🙂 🙂

FX Contact Lenses says:

Those blisters look great +ellimacs sfx makeup — and I <3 the starved-stricken exposed bones on the chest. Great Work!

Ally James says:

can i use store bought fx gelatin and just add yellow paint??

Moosedraw says:

Ellinor is one of the 6 women I know ho looks amazing without make up. Not saying every girl doesn’t, they just look PARTICULARLY amazing.

Luna Kurosaki says:

could we make the m in advance??? my club is doing a haunted house nd we want to do somethin like this…

Bomi- Boi says:

Omo im starting to do things like this but im finding it difficult have u got any tips?^^

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