Under the Sea Summertime Makeup Tutorial

Went outside my comfort zone to create this fun summertime makeup look!

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fashionbug101 says:

Your skin looks so moisturized and glowing. Show me your ways!!

Tonii.1208 says:

Beautiful Dulce

Yaritza Suarez says:

love this look !!! a halo eye makeup I would’ve loved with these blues !! but still love it!!!

joe-ann nextdoor says:

You really have a beautiful skin.

samantha aparicio says:

You did such a good job! Do you prefer the flat blending brush better then the other?

Makeuholic says:

Love love love this! Blue is my favorite color ❤️❤️

Karie Jenkins says:

your skin is so nice wow

Elizabeth Solorzano says:

woooooow I like so much

Ashanty Gomez says:

Hi Dulce ! I was wondering if you have ever watched cowspiracy ,earthlings, or Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky. ? If so please can you tell us your thought’s thanks. Big Fan.

Jezel Bow says:

This looks beautiful on you!
Can you do a video on the best foundations that don’t cause breakouts but give full coverage? Also what’s the difference between non comgenic foundations.

Gloria Castro says:

hola cómo estás yo soy muy bien yo no soy el inglés pues me dices en un vídeo en español si te sabes el español te voy hacer unas palabras en inglés a ver si me dice inglés o no se siga al hecho si no me das clases de inglés o me hables ella o clases de inglés y sé si no sé en un vídeo hables

sudheshnam says:

I wonder how this would look with a smokey liner instead of a blue lower lis

Getina marr says:

So pretty!!!! and I blush the most when my husband grabs my butt in very public places lol
no no on the PDA for me.

Alexandra Nikiforides says:

This is really beautiful!

Maria Revolledo says:

Dulce I see you are using three different eye shadow colors; however, you only mention two. Are the last two colors the same?

Stefanie Hamacher says:

I wanna recreate this look with warm Browns on the lower lash line instead of blue and maybe some black in the outer corner.

Z says:

Your eyeshadow reminds me of Mimi from the Drewcarry Show…

Candice Ballinger says:

This is so pretty!

Fátima F da Rocha Fátima&Pauloever3 says:

I love the eyes colors.

Karie Jenkins says:

that blue was so pretty..I bet under a black cream base it will pop even more gotta order some of those shadows…

SamsHappyMail says:

#whatmakesmeblush when my boyfriend compliments me 🙂 and interviews that I am nervous for!

Hannes B says:

heil hitler

Danielle Jimenez says:


Paola Tapiero says:

Flawless skin ❤️❤️❤️

Habs Girl says:

You don’t need any foundation your skin is flawless ! Wow

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