UNDER £30 😱 Realistic Drugstore Back To School Makeup Tutorial

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Norah Ahmad says:

if this is back to school makeup .. why is it your preference? it’s too much makeup …

مغربية و بطابع الذهب says:

is her beauty spot up her mouth is a natural spot?or just a tatoo mark?

Soph Sharma says:

any1 else want makeup collection? x

cute princess says:

who was reading comments while video was going on lol

truth betold says:

yess someone with thin brows! not NASTY BIG BROWS that are popular today

leyla pink says:

Where did she get her t shirt from someone reply to this plz and send me

Rinki Rai says:

hi kaushal u r so beautiful m ur big fan

titanium242 says:

Btw it’s 28.68.

Creativity of my world says:

hi dear always waiting for your videos and now a days you are not uploading more videos

Riajanagel Janagel says:

I have that primer and the contour kit but mine is light to medium and the blusher is brown instead of pink

Prada D says:

Once my mum kissed me on the cheek, leaving a bit of lipstick on.
My school gave me hell for “wearing blush”

How times have changed…

Nadia Orton-Clarke says:

someone was on the L’Oréal advert with Cheryl

AJN says:

so pretty

Creativity of my world says:

which editing software do you use let me know

chaithyusha chava says:

Can u pls do video on ni8 routine

ItzNina! says:

wow this is really amazing.. love it. gorgeous as always <3

Manisha Reddy says:

you just used one lipstick ommggggggg 😮
and love your lashes

Noelle&Sarah Colsen says:

I’m littery binge watching her. Your so good at makeup

Mimi La says:

Could you please recommend the best drugstore foundation for full coverage? I can’t seem to find one please if anyone has any suggestions please do comment, would really help me a lot thank you x

MumNWhims says:

what are your fav budget mascaras

Vania Minkova says:

hi Kaushal, could you please tell me where can i buy Makeup Revolution in the UK?

Aneesa Nehar Ahad says:

did she say 90 or 19p?

Shruthiraj Verma says:

may I know Wat shade did u use in foundation

Zoha Ansari says:

What brand is your eyelash curler? It works so well!

Jacqueline Crescenti says:

Its a really cool look&the mascara actually did a really good job!

Kissesfromkatie says:

For a £1 mascara you made it look worth £20

Zerena Little says:

Great Look! <3


LOVE your videos. Can you post your night time routine?

Sarah Coal says:

is it just me who finds her putting on makeup so satisfying?

Alexandra Jittu says:

A nice cheap no makeup makeup look. But I hate that Makeup revolution makes their products in China!

Nora Eve says:

nice video..

Eunyoung Her says:

Step 1. Prepare a gorgeous face like Kaushal’s. You are so beatiful <3

Megz G says:

Young girls do not need halve this amount of makeup. It’s good for work or uni perhaps but not school.

neha waseem says:

i just love u u are so pretty xx

Sahiba Bd says:

Looking lovely!!!!

Auremy Benamor says:

You forgot you call us your angels 🙁

Holly Perry says:

Idk why so many people are saying this look isn’t for school. At my school all girls wear this sort of makeup. Some more, some less. I get that some schools don’t allow makeup but for a normal high school or college girl this is completely normal…

Quratulain Malik says:

u r soon attractive u don’t need makeup

Amy Webster says:

How long did this take you roughly? xx

Vaishu says:

Hi Chaithyusha, do you go to SR nagar campus?

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