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Hi my angels! I decided to get up my favourite, go-to greasy hair looks onto my channel as I’ve been having a lot of greasy hair days recently. They are super (duper) quick and easy to do. If you have any favourites, share them below for everyone else to read too 🙂


Comb – Superdrug
Elastic bands – Primark
Bobby Pins – Sally’s

EYES – Naked 3 Palette
LIPS – Stila Liquid Lipstick in ‘Amore’

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Bonnie MK says:

Tell me  how often you bathe, I bathe every day.

Lily Walsh says:

Omg you r so pretty

Karinadiaz0708 says:

Well I have acne so putting my hair up is the worst thing to do but what can I do when my hair is greasy af

Clara loves Twenty One Pilots says:

She’s so lucky to have thick hair.

Lousy Good-for-NOTHING Kay says:

you remind me of mila kunis!! x

Claire says:

i miss my long hair 🙁

Sangita Kumar says:

but what for Indian hair.?

ohdear5671 says:

They make it look easy

Noor Noldes says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway* http://storage.googleapis.com/3791135833074/5424359408913.html

Taamz Heart says:

hair bubbles

YummyNummies101 says:

I have a fringe so none of these looks would work for me,

Daniella D. says:

Everybody is like ” Why don’t you just wash it? ” Well washing it on daily basis damages your hair a lot, it will make it fall and nobody wants that. My hair is always greasy. I believe it’s because of the climate. So I have to wash it all the time other wise it looks horrible. That’s probably why she doesn’t wish to wash it?

Barbara says:

or you could just wash it

Paint Me Galaxies says:

Calling you hair “sleek” doesn’t make it being greasy and less gross

LittleWarWolf says:

I am very insecure about my big nose, that’s why I don’t like putting my hair up because people can see my face from all sides…

Ambar Marquez says:

My hair get greasy every day, and I know I shouldn’t wash it everyday but I just can’t help it, I feel like it probably looks and smells so gross :/ I’d rather just have clean, nice smelling, bouncy hair for the rest of eternity

Wistfu1Stargazer says:

Great video – well done – keep up the good work. 🙂
I’ve been doing most of these styles for years not caring a bit of what anyone else thinks of it. I look at it this way… they aren’t my family, they don’t pay my bills, I don’t have to answer to them… so they can whistle up a rope. ;-P

Jessica Gagliano says:

these are basically all the same

Anett Bodor says:

this is the first tutorial about greasy hair where I’ve seen actual greasy hair being shown. thank you!!!

Razan says:

i was wondering why her hair is nice and thick and bam at the end she is indian

Marceline Breaux says:

I’m of mixed ethnicity – French, black, Mexican, German, Filipino, and Native American. I used to wash my hair everyday, thinking that it was good for my naturally greasy, damaged, extra curly hair. That is until I did research and found that too much washing rids your scalp of the natural oils it so rightfully needs! I narrowed it down to 4 times a week, and my hair is less greasy and damaged now. Thanks for the vid 🙂

Emma - says:

“easy” wrapping hair around a ponytail isn’t easy. I had to use 3 bobby pins and still wouldn’t stay together. Putting the hair underneath didn’t work out either but messed it all up. I have shorter hair than she has + my hair is not even length

Christina Miller says:

Lmfao.. My hair is baby thing for any of this

Hevi Serdar says:

Or you could just use dry shampoo! works amazingly lol

heidi4442 says:

I can’t put my hair up bc I have gross side burns and hair all over my faace

Niky Sonar says:

here in this video u look worls beauties girl

Pola ajaira says:


Aana Gajbhiye says:


Ghostedly says:

just washing wash your hair jesus

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