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Kana22 Almans00ri says:

وايييد حلو

mare m says:

الكم الله يا شباب

Mima 16 says:

2:00 ,, nice” makeup

Vanessa catalina 2 says:

can I get 1000 likes plz

Payton Martin says:

i love the first one

misia pysia says:

I reccomend this beauty blender ;*

LOVE says:

0:46 I just love that look.

Steph Comley says:

6:20 was horrid lmao

Mehdi Benjermoun says:

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Taneshia Taylor says:

Taneshia Taylor!

Exa Ourworld says:

Am I the only one who thinks 5:40 Is the prettiest girl in the video? (My opinion, Don’t like it? Keep your thought to yourself because I might not be the only one who think she’s prettier.)

Blood Beast Gaming says:

the first one is a guy btw.

mariam mountagha sy says:

cc sympa ta video jai ossi une chaine si tu ve tabonnee

Taneshia Taylor says:

#2 makeup look was awful

aesthetix says:

I want those drippy drop things

female_adult_ frisk says:


Lily mai Griffiths Phillips says:

Ok what’s with all these pouting faces?

sophie x says:

Every year they put more makeup on their faces 🙁

Rylee and Animals says:

2:21 why she look like Katy Perry ((kinda))

Mehdi Benjermoun says:

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Grace Kenny says:

They are all pretty without makeup like if you agreex

Lisa Araheme says:

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Grace Kenny says:

One of the girls look really scary x

Rayahtevy Fan says:

Zo mutch botox

Shopymia says:

Nice Make up Video!!

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Madison Wilson says:

3:08 she had plastic surgery like if argree

Basinu Reveiws says:


Bitch wtf are your lips

Gwyn Princess says:

3:25 her contour is grey omg

love forever says:

im typo phobic af

Samaxwell ben issa says:

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Juste Queen’s says:


Pauline 733 says:

The girl at 2.41 looks a little bit like Katty Perry

Keira Tube says:

Have they all had lip injections

187Sami XD says:

Wie die einfach alle ohne Make-up wie Gollums aussehen

Mia Dotson says:

4:26 she looks like a bratz doll

Regular Jess says:

first girl sweared at us xD but love the video x

John Kuruvilla says:

Have you got chickenpox

Ruth Hunsbedt Paulsen says:

I hate that the trend now is being 18 and looking 35…

Sara beauty Corner fan says:

You don,t need makeup to look good your beautiful Just the way you are

S. O. says:

Anyone else get annoyed with the music in these videos?

Anushka Yadav says:

2:04 I like the hair band..

Ellie Clark says:

Is that a gay with a present on his he’d. If that was a girl, this is what I’m stupid.

Ella Lewis says:

7:34 has such a pretty hair color

Straffy says:

F*ck make up !

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