Tooth fairy special fx makeup tutorial

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Again we choose to flirt a little with @colinchristian and his inspiring and wonderful creation. The toothfairy special fx makeup tutorial will most certainly give you that extra edge at the costume party or just gross your parents out.

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my favorite Creepypasta character is Jeff the Killer

Altın Kızlar says:

owl christan <3

Georgina Norman says:

this is so cool

Gothic lana says:

where did you get the fake teeth from?

Happy Koala Chan says:

t really like these fx but most of these need liquid latex but I’m allergic to latex is there a alternitive ?

Kimberly McQuown says:

Do you have a snapchat Ellimacs? I love your videos!!!, YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!!! ♥♥ GREAT camera work too Macs! Love you guys so much!

Emma Galambos says:

Is Ellie and macs together or just friends??

Midnightrose says:

this is exactly how I always imagined the toothfairy

Chris D says:

I am so proud how profesional your chanal turned in.. I remember your first videos on Ellimacs ans now it’s an opposite like night and day. You guys have a lot of potential to make this chanel realy realy big
I hope you will keep doing Videos for a long time! 🙂 <3

Caitlyn Kloosterman says:

can you do jeff the killer

zan man says:

can you do link from legend of Zelda

Alice Dysart says:

anyone else feel like ur face is gonna grow teeth now

colleen jones says:

when mixing flour and latex what is the ratios? also can the flour latex mix be used to make bullet wound pieces?

Sam Bouchaiba says:

are they now located in sweeden or america

Jordan Dugue says:

hey can you guys do the zombie from Michal Jackson

Maggie Moore says:

Can you reuse the plastic if you melt it down again?

Jack Harris Richardson says:

You have destroyed their childhood but excellent video!!

Mythical troll says:

This just ruined my childhood

DoctorCutieAJ says:

Lol i want to make that

Spirit Unicorn13 says:

The intro sides like someone brushing their teeth

LolaMcLoLo says:

I used instaorph for teeth on halloween, i was a vampire

Jazbele thegaminggirl says:

You should do a Melting Barbie doll!!

Lili Leos says:

how is she still so beautiful Luke says:

Do a really creepy messed up easter Bunny with like a row of bloody teeth kinda like the killer snail on a smaller scale

Trixie j says:

Could you guys do Albert Wesker from resident evil 6 or five. Or maybe the keeper from The Evil Within. I love your guys interpretation of the Clicker from The Last of Us. I tried it and I was recognized in a competition for most realistic. THANK YOU GUYSS 🙂

Ha Harvard says:

make – up halowwen

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