The WORST Makeup Tutorial I’ve Ever Done ( I’m Sorry )

Don’t blame me, I just listen to the twitter zombaes.

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O’Donnell says:

As soon as you said it I got all AHHHHH. I’m gonna watch this video because I love you but I hate you so much for this

Kathleen Clark says:

It was actually really fun and relaxing watching you work on the prosthetics. Also Ripley makes me cry laughing. “You alright over there?”

mepmc 04 says:

I can’t watch this video
I’m sorry

Ellie TheBrit says:

6:44 reminds me of Marmite on crumpets..

Veronica Thomas says:

This isnt a phobia but something that I hate for no reason is yogurt. The texture is just too much.

nealuna says:

oh i love that look maybe because i wear pin up myself <3

Savvy Bird says:

I have misophonia also I have a phobia of cockroaches

Estée Zeller says:

you could have just put a hundred vagina prosthetics all over you that would have been some sexy holes (literally)

Paula Hck says:

what was the thing that could get demonitized? i couldnt find it on her twitter. pls answer if you know would appreciate it!

Ariananaz says:

Mykie: **mentions trypophobia**

Wolfiexox says:

with that hat on mykie reminds me of gwen stefani in the ‘hollaback girl’ video

Katie Rene says:

Wait what was the no look?

Cassidy English says:

The bright colours make it so much more chill then lifelike skin tones. Skipped to the end to see the results looks amazing but not as “throw the phone across the room” kinda feeling. Curiosity killed the cat. Still creepy af but not as insanity inducing. Great job!

tfink830 says:

My phobia is being in complete darkness . I will have the worst panic attack ever.

Jeanine Lynn says:

I’m actually kinda surprised I was able to last the video. I had no problems with it and I absolutely love the look. lol

I only have a couple phobias and one is claustrophobia and this other one is kinda.. weird but it’s Pseudodysphagia, which is a fear of choking. It gets weirder because I’m only afraid to choke on hair. So like The Grudge is the WORST movie for this phobia. Ugh..

Holland Mathews says:

A Haiku for this look:

No! NO! No! NO! NO!
No no no no no no no
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!

Adryana Rogers says:

I’m a dedicated Zombaeee ❤️ watched it all the way through with my fearrr. Mines hearing someone eating or drinking.

Berquis Gomez says:

I refuse to watch this omg no

Thepathtosurvival says:

Never miss
A vid now I gotta great

Ele says:

This was a really good vid of yours. I liked the sitting and talking in the beginning and showing the process of making the prosthetic. And you weren’t really try to play a character as much as you usually do and I like it, it’s more natural. Love you the most❤️❤️❤️

Jaynie says:


DramateyesMe1 says:

I was totally unaffected by this look. I like how it turned out! It’s interesting how many people do have a problem with clusters of holes, though

brcnecwac says:

I kinda wanna see you do a collab with corrine from thread bang

nataliie lake says:

does she have a stripper pole??

Alice says:

I cannot. I’ve been trying to force myself to get over my issues with holes but no.
I couldn’t not watch it, at first it looked like a sponge so I was coping but man, I wanna rip my own skin off now.
Why does this stuff make my skin crawl and force me to scratch my skin until it hurts?!

Brooke Shaw says:

I actually almost did not watch this video because I get chills when those pictures start circulating of those holes on people’s skin, I didn’t realize it was a condition but I stuck through and you made them look not a scary. Great job! Love your channel ❤️

Green Envy says:

*The people who disliked are concerned for Ripley’s SaFtY-*

Jaynie says:

Ripley running at 7:10 is literally exactly what my cat is doing rn

chloe batchelor says:


Greg Putnam says:

Trypophobia does not trigger me. I just get uncomfortable at the fact that people would walk around with those holes just in their hands or feet or shoulder or whatever. Like get that checked out, put some cream on it, etc.
Something that does trigger me is touching dry objects with wet or damp hands makes my skin crawl. It mainly gets triggered by wooden pieces that’s why I can’t unload wooden spoons from the dishwasher. Also, I can’t have popsicles or eat ice cream with those wooden spoons because it’ll trigger me

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