The Secret Life of a Parts Model | Allure

Parts model Robyn Williamson explains what it’s like to be a body model. She tells us about how she keeps her skin in perfect condition for photoshoots and her five-step system of self-care.

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The Secret Life of a Parts Model | Allure


AdLibby says:

I want to know all of those products by name.

Ken Calvelo says:

The oil she’s using can literally kill me

PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds says:

tf is a parts model?

Sara Goldfarb says:

I have that Edgar Cayce Almond Glow, Very good stuff from the health food store

Raisa Angelin says:

She looks like gal gadot!

Shady Toonz says:

“cleanse myself of natural energy?” Tf

profiler expert13 says:

she sounds like Taylor Swift

Aleyah Malone says:

Interesting, bet she works out too. And bralettes are life, so light and comfy

Esha says:

Damn giving her a hickey must be a pain

passionskayandmiguel says:

What boobs tho?

Teresa Espinoza says:

Am I the only one that is disturbed how her hand glides on her collar bone?

Kevin Fong says:

Her skin must be *so* soft

Zineb Elkettani says:

she has an angelic face? What I mean is that she could actually be a model, like a real model, to show how pretty she is,and am I the only one who thinks that she’s not entirely happy with her job

Taty Maz says:

Omg i need to try her routine! My skin is so bad.

Stacey Carlisle says:

Petroleum Jelly also retains moisture in the skin for anyone looking for a simpler alternative

Virginia Clark says:

Whoa whoa. Do they just have a snail-mill, with snails running on wheels and jars to catch their slime? An we rub it on our body. Gross!

Kate McCormick says:

Seems to stressful to be beautiful. Ill stick to my routine my brushing teeth, a shower, and mascara. Im always tired, I got no time for that bs

Everything Ella says:

Yess snail slime!

Brooklyn Myers says:

How are celebs always hairless?

Honey Butter says:

“Lanolion” oil, I wonder if she means lanolin, i wonder if she’d use it if she knew what it was.

silverdragonfour says:

I really like her attitude, she was very adamant that modeling is hard work and it is and I like that she’s portraying that. People have this idea that modeling is always really glamorous and sometimes it isnt and that’s okay.

CubanLaPrinxess says:

She dosent have boobs like that though…

Lauren Bennett says:

You’re not going to reference the products she uses in the description?! Seriously??

Reno Sphinx says:


Crystal Lee says:

Highkey read Paris model and was confused

fruitoson says:

A what model

aj pixles says:

She hardly has a chest tho ?

Samantha says:

“its actually not very cool to have boobs, it’s quite unique for a model to have them and that’s probably why I probably get a lot of lingerie work” lmao girl I see no boobs on you you’re apart of the majority, nothing wrong with that tho

Reshmi Kennedy says:

She seems so not happy with life

Chloe Jade says:

Why does she remind me of Taylor Swift?

S H says:

It’s scary, she looks like my sister

Strawberry Syrup says:

am I the only one that gets anxiety watching this? very cookie cutter, lots of “have to’s” her life sounds miserable

lala l says:

This is my kind of modeling lol. I love keeping my skin clear and glowy. All of those products she is using!!

An. Ib. says:


Beyza says:

Robyn Williamson? Seems like their parents were like “Copy. But changed it a little”.

r a l i ‘ i x a v i e r o says:

There’s so much more to modeling than most people think. Constant skincare, restricted diet, weight maintenance, strict sleeping pattern, and you have to pass through a bunch of casting before you get to actually get money.

I honestly would rather go to uni and be a doctor than to do that.

YNGODS says:

The way she said retain


Graffbomr says:

Can she die

Flor is my name says:

Hand model?
Part modle?
I’ll never be these things cause I do not want to take care of my skin 24/7 HELL NO

alessandra samuels says:

The 666k tho

blep blep cat says:

Imagine how much money she is spending on the products…

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