The Mummy Princess Ahmanet Makeup Tutorial

A few weeks ago I was invited to London to have a look behind the scenes of #THEMUMMY and participate in a workshop with Lizzie Georgiou, the makeup designer and artist in the film.
Although there are two looks in the film; the more regal look of Princess Ahmanet, and the distressed and worn look of the Mummy, today I’ll be focusing more on the second look.
The epic action adventure will be released on Friday 9th of June.
Watch THE MUMMY trailer:
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Music by Amarante “Ghost” :

What I used:

-Pritt Stick

-Runes sheet (I asked if I could make these available on my blog but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed. Sorry 🙁

-Brow Palette (**):

-Urban Decay Black Lipstick:

-Collection Black Eyeliner:

-Ben Nye Ash Powder:


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Echoes of Oblivion says:

This look is right up your alley, an awesome recreation! I would not want to freehand those markings either, lol 😀

DeAnna Michelle says:

I just watched Elimacs makeup channel do this look, but I love yours so much more! It’s such a simpler approach, and it looks amazing! Do you know if they sell those stencils anywhere?? lol

seaberrythistle says:

Perfect, I love anything Egyptian and this just blew my mind.

KauketDE says:

Wow i love the look 🙂

GummyBearRecords says:

love it great job

Dina Stein says:

Oooo. This will be my next Halloween costume.

Pearl Smith says:

This is amazing!!! Your channel is so inspiring x

Life As It Comes says:

So the enchantress from suicide squad!
Like so she will see this!

kittysoft paws says:

Klaire I would love to see a Greek god and goddesses make up look series. Especially of Hades and Persephone.

Fēnja Kristall says:

Amatante ^__^

TheBeautyMarkOnJ-HopesLip says:

I thought she said she was going over her brows with a bread stick lmaoooo

Chayma Fadid says:

Amazing thank you for sharing this

Cussundria Kneal says:

Okay, i am now going to go see this movie, JUST you went behind the scenes and everything and recreated this look. 😀

Bobby Downey says:

You truly are amazing!

FACES by Cait B says:

Truly frightening, but really good. lol

Stilettos and Blush says:

Yaaassss!!!! You never disappoint!!!

Gandoora32 says:

LOVE this!

rsquaredpiful says:

Could you do a tutorial for the other look with the blue eyeliner?

Violingirl79 says:


moneyshot says:

i’m so jealous of how big and beautiful your eyes are!! my tiny little eyes have almost no lid space to do anything interesting on

Indiegirl007 says:

GIRL. Amazing!!

foxypolypus says:

yeaaah. I fell in love with this look as soon as I saw the trailer. I’m glad you made a video on it.
Have you seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean ? I really liked the look of the new sea-witch (shansa or sansha or something like that). I think that’s the kind of look you’d like as well.

Stormy Taylor says:

She should do Ankhesenamun from the original Mummy movies(1st&2nd)

Nathan Lam says:

I think I just found my Halloween costume

Meah Ricciardiello says:

oh my gosh this is amazing! great work! I’m so excited for this movie, I love the originals and the best part is that the movie comes out on my birthday!

sophie gastelum says:

i dare you to make the frist look of princess Ahmanet XD

Snowbird says:

How do you manage to still look sexy and beautiful when you do these “creepy, disgusting, ugly” kind of looks? (like your anti-sexy series) <3 <3 <3

BAMF Dat says:

dear god you are brilliant! pretty please with buttercream frosting on top can you do the anck su namun look from old mummies??? ⊙ω⊙

Niina O says:

Ad gone right, I saw the trailer because of this and now I need to see this movie.

dunganmistress says:

Love this, its amazing you actually got to meet someone that did the make up for the movie. I’m a bit on the fence about seeing it, its kindof a reboot but not really.

101cocogirl says:

That’s so cool how they invited you on set! Lucky!

Vanessa L says:

This is awesome!

89krx says:

so cool!

Laetitia Vaslot says:

wow beautiful work

Alice Is mad says:

Should water be fine for washing glue out of your eyebrows even if their is makeup on top of them?

Kie Nichols says:

Julia Graf went to the same behind the scenes event thing!

Creature Lab says:

Oh, that was awesome! So glad you were able to see a demo from the mua of the movie! Really cool! Also great job, per usual!

Sanna G says:

First time I saw the trailer I was kinda rooting for the mummy.

Deniska Doláková says:

Apart from questioning the whole existence of that movie, I must say the visual part is beautiful! Lovely tut 😉

Flyingaway says:

What an awesome way to present sponsored content. It was informative; offering amazing insight related to the content in a way that actually enhanced the video. Amazing as always

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